10 Great Link-Building Ideas Every Business should Follow

10 Great Link-Building Ideas Every Business should Follow

Link building is essential for success in the online world, but it is equally difficult to get high-quality links. The process has been made more difficult by the Google algorithm updates, which don’t take even a minute to penalize the bad links and the websites.

It has created fear in the minds of the businesses and compelled them to minimize their budget on link building. Not companies offering digital marketing services give more attention to other activities and ignore link-building.

Some businesses feel that compelling content is a guarantee of quality links, but the bad news is that there is no assurance of links. You might get a high number of shares and links, but not links. This makes is essential for the businesses to acquire links with other manual activities. There are many link opportunities you can pursue to capitalize on it.

1. Brand Mention

If you find any post with your brand mention, you should reach out to the site owner to provide a link to your website. You might also get some partnership opportunities if you contact them in the peak season.

2. Product Mention

To get high-quality backlinks, you don’t always need to rely on brand mentions. Sometimes product mentions can also work wonders for you. For instance, you run a food chain and find some of your dishes mentioned on a food review website. You can contact the admin to provide a link to help the readers find the dish.

3. Images

Images or “visual mentions” of your brands is a great idea to secure quality links. You can get links to the images in different ways, like:

• Logos

• Graphics

• Product photo

• Company campus

4. Testimonials

This is a complete win-win situation for the business as well as the site. There are many websites that offer marketing value and link opportunities through testimonials.

When requesting for a link on testimonial, just make sure that it is the one that makes sense for the organization.

5. Charities

Today’s businesses invest a good amount in corporate social responsibilities and use them for their marketing. If you want high-quality non-manipulative links, start contributing to a charity and secure a link.

6. Partnership

Joining hands with the marketing giants or other leading businesses also give you an opportunity to pursue effective links. If you have partnered with an authentic company, you should reap the benefits of this in the form of a link.

7. Loyal Customers

One of the major objectives of any business is to build a community of loyal customers who also work as the brand ambassadors by spreading positive word of mouth. Not just the brand growth, but they also help you by giving relevant link opportunities.

8. Directories

Getting links from relevant directories is also a great idea for the businesses. You can contact the site owner and can request them to list your business or product to offer more value to their audience.

9. Sponsorship

If you have a good budget, you can sponsor some events, exhibitions or shows and can get a link in the sponsors’ category. Usually, website owners give logo of the sponsors, so you can request for the website link with the logo.

10. PR Campaigns

PR campaigns offer a great opportunity for link acquisition as these go hand in hand. Though every campaign might not offer same benefits, some are really good.

Have you tried any of these ideas to build links? We would love to hear from you.

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