Few Important Metrics that Google Analytics Beginners Should Watch

One among the best free data analysis tools available on web is Google Analytics. When you login to a Google Analytics account, the first look can be daunting. You will get to see so many things around, but then you should know what matters for your business. In this blog, we will tell few important … Continue reading “Few Important Metrics that Google Analytics Beginners Should Watch”

Local Content Silos: The Secret To Local Search Success

Still pondering over, “How to acquire visibility for your multi-location business in local search”? Well we are here to answer. Throughout the time, through our blog posts we have voiced over general issues and solutions to deal with problems, and today we will discuss- How to get a Site with Multiple Locations to Rank in … Continue reading “Local Content Silos: The Secret To Local Search Success”

YNG Media New Logo – Your Trusted Digital Partner

  We at YNG Media believe in experimenting and risk taking. This time, we have come up with a new & dynamic brand Logo. The new logo stands for our deep set beliefs in fulfillment of strong and deep commitments we make. We have launched this logo akin to the current digital space which represents … Continue reading “YNG Media New Logo – Your Trusted Digital Partner”

Google Core Search Algorithm Update

June 16th saw another change in pattern by Google where it updated its core search algorithm update. As per many webmasters they have experienced a huge spike in terms of change in traffic and rankings. As per the synopsis of Google’s conversation to SEL: “This is not a Panda update. As you know, we’re always … Continue reading “Google Core Search Algorithm Update”

What’s the new trend in “Google Trends”?

Every now and then Google tries new stuffs, either it is a new updation or some experimental pilot project or a new launch. This time Google has updated its Google Trends where people can now access real time data on everything. Even if it’s FIFA Scandal or Donald Trump’s presidential campaign kick-off, you can get … Continue reading “What’s the new trend in “Google Trends”?”

Are SEO Result Affected by Meta Description?

What about Meta Description? Gone are the days when Meta Description was just one area, an SEO would spend most time on discussing, working and improving its content. Trying to fit those magic tag words. But after the announcement from google back in 2009, that Meta Descriptions will no more have an impact on the … Continue reading “Are SEO Result Affected by Meta Description?”

9 Other Metric that you should care more than Ranking

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization people generally get concerned about the top #1 ranking. While rankings are surely a key phenomenon in SEO, but personalisation, social influence and localization affects its results. Hence when people ponder “why is it they are not ranked for this particular keyword or phrase?” the answer is simple, … Continue reading “9 Other Metric that you should care more than Ranking”

Google Testing “Slow To Load” Warning Label In Mobile Search Results

Google has come up with a pilot study, testing slow label signs in the mobile search results. Earlier in February, Google experimented with Red Slow Labels, this time they have switched the “ Slow to Load” sign from Red to Yellow in color. The Android Soul Blog posted screen shots of mobile search results of … Continue reading “Google Testing “Slow To Load” Warning Label In Mobile Search Results”

Top 5 Local Search Communities

Local search communities are one of the best places to get your queries solved quickly online from various SEO experts as the concept of digital marketing is booming each day. These local search communities help people boost their business so many a times the owners introduce various constraints to remain the leader in the game … Continue reading “Top 5 Local Search Communities”

4 Ways to Decode Google Analytics’ “Not Provided” Keywords !

Google Analytics is one of the best service by Google, no other service can give as accurate stats as Analytics do, the information on demographics, visitors, source everything is perfect, but there’s one thing that annoys most of the Google Analytics users and it is the “Not Provided” term in keywords. To decode “not provided” … Continue reading “4 Ways to Decode Google Analytics’ “Not Provided” Keywords !”