Google Uses Different URLs for Translated Pages

Using Google translator to auto-translate your content is a form of spam. Also it causes issues for GoogleBot to understand the contents of your page. Google’s spokesperson John Mueller told that the Polyglot Googlebot has issues understanding it.  John explained, “it’s important that sites use separate URLs for individual languages.” So what to do? As per John, … Continue reading “Google Uses Different URLs for Translated Pages”

Now Load Your APKs for Fetch as Google for App-Indexing

App Indexing with Google and iOS (Apple) is not a cakewalk.  Google recently shared about ranking boost for using the App Indexing API but also announced a few other things. One thing that got swept under the rug was the ability to go to the Google Search Console and directly upload your App’s APK to … Continue reading “Now Load Your APKs for Fetch as Google for App-Indexing”

Numbers Don’t Matter!

  Google’s spokesperson John Mueller said that as per ranking is considered containing digits in a URL doesn’t make a difference. He further explained to the webmaster that websites doesn’t get boosted by adding numbers to its URL “sometimes ranking well in search can take a bit of time & work, so I’d keep it … Continue reading “Numbers Don’t Matter!”

Your Site Can Have Both Manual Actions & Algorithmic Penalties

Gary Illyes from Google has confirmed this recently that a site can get impacted by both manual action & algorithmic issue. Gary said on Twitter, “It’s certainly possible a site is affected by penguin and also has a manual action for links related issues.”

Google Mobile Search Volume Surpasses Desktop Searches

Google mobile search volume has surpassed desktop searches with more than 50% of all of Google’s queries worldwide is activated through it. Earlier just limited to US and other countries this picture has changed to cover the global bounds now. To mean overall, across all countries, people are searching in Google on their mobile devices … Continue reading “Google Mobile Search Volume Surpasses Desktop Searches”

What if your Google Analytics Search Engine Optimization Queries Report shows up “Not Set”?

As per the Google Analytics Search Engine Optimization Queries report, if the Google Search Console is linked with Google Analytics and the report funnels in there, it will project  “not set” for the first searched keyword. It is presumed that it must have started a week ago. SEOs and webmasters get their keyword data by … Continue reading “What if your Google Analytics Search Engine Optimization Queries Report shows up “Not Set”?”

Wix Websites can be dropped from search results

A cloud-based web development platform Wix allows users to create HTML5 web and mobile sites through their drag and drop tools available online, seems to have indexing problem with Google. Many websites which uses Wix platform are being dropped out of Google index. Google’s John Mueller, this morning addressed that Google has investigated the problem … Continue reading “Wix Websites can be dropped from search results”

Finding Recipes is Easier with Bing

Now users can find recipes via image search. They have added a Recipe Badge to food images so users can click on the badge to get a full sneak peek into the recipe page of the book. The new badge is pictured as a tiny chef’s hat. It is listed in the bottom left corner … Continue reading “Finding Recipes is Easier with Bing”

Google: Block content using No index over 404s

Gary Illyes, Google’s spokesperson said on twitter that rather than blocking a bad content Google recommends you to use the no index. There is a reason behind why Google prefers no index over 404ing. This is because when you use no index, Google will test it for illegitimate content and remove the content instantly if … Continue reading “Google: Block content using No index over 404s”

Small Business Yexting over Yahoo Local Listings

Similar to MapQuest Yahoo Small Business is outsourcing its local listing management to Yext. – Yext will enable local marketers to manage their listings for free on Yahoo. – They will be able upgrade to Yext’s Power Listings data syndication product. This will be rolled across Bing, Foursquare, Yelp, Facebook etc.