3 Actionable Ideas to Engage Influencers on Facebook

3 Actionable Ideas to Engage Influencers on Facebook

Due to high reach and the most liked social media network in the world, Facebook is the first choice of the marketers when it comes to getting engagement, making connections and building a strong relationship with the customers and industry influencers.

In the highly competitive market, it is really difficult to engage influencers and encourage them to talk about you. But you cannot deny the importance and power of the influencers. So it is essential to put efforts to make a relationship with the influencers and Facebook proves to be a great platform for this. Check out the three actionable ideas here to achieve your business goals with the help of influencer outreach.

Perform Competitor Research to Expand Initial Ideas

Competitor research makes a crucial part of strategy formulation process. There are so many tools to perform competitor analysis on Facebook like BirdSong Analytics and Fanpage Karma. The tools give you detailed engagement report of competitor’s page along with the time slot when they get more engagement. You can also compare the performance of your page with the competitor with the help of these tools and can find out the areas that need attention. Monitoring the dashboard before starting the influencer campaign gives you an estimate of the ongoing trend and the growth.

Influencer marketing campaign should include both Facebook and content marketing

If you are a Facebook marketing expert or working with a renowned social media marketing company, you must be aware of the importance of content. So you influencer marketing campaign should pay equal attention to both. By making influencers part of your content, you can easily convince them to share your content on their social media platforms.

Just make sure that the article featuring the influencers gets shared on as many platforms as it can be. Further, don’t forget to share the content on Facebook tagging the influencer.

Tag People for More Traffic

Tagging is a great innovation by Facebook. It helps you expand the reach of your posts without requesting others to share. You just have to tag friends or people to let their friends see what you have posted.

Today Facebook tagging makes an important part of influencer marketing. You cannot tag people with the help of apps. It is possible only with your Facebook interface and you can tag only your friends or business pages. Most of the influencers have their business pages, so you can easily tag them.

These are just three tips to grow engagement rate and get more people to talk about your products and brand. Use these tips carefully and get ready for increased traffic, engagement and business from the influencers with a huge follower base.

If you have some more tips, please share with us.

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