3 Tips to Optimize M-Commerce Site for Quality Searches

3 Tips to Optimize M-Commerce Site for Quality Searches

The number of searches on mobile devices has been growing rapidly. In 2015, Google also confirmed this and gave the eCommerce website owners a hint of shifting towards mobile. To succeed in this highly competitive online market, it has got imperative for the retailers to think about ‘m-commerce’ as well.

If you think that just having a mobile website is enough to impress the mobile searchers and generate business, you are losing a lot of business. M-commerce is way beyond a simple mobile website. It is all about the hassle-free and convenient shopping experience on the mobile devices. Be it product display, their selection, payment or any other online shopping related issue, you need to pay due attention to every point to ensure that potential customers using mobile devices get seamless shopping experience.

But the question is how to do it? Besides working on the design of the m-commerce website, you also need to optimize it for the searches so that users can find your website when looking for products or services offered by you. To make it easier for you, here are three tips to optimize the m-commerce site for search.

Ensure that you have a fully mobile-responsive website

The first requisite to increase visibility on the mobile devices is to have a mobile-responsive website. A mobile friendly website is not just about the SEO but also about the user experience. If mobile users like your website on small screens, there are more chances of them making the purchases.

Further, Google tags the responsive websites with a ‘mobile-friendly’ label and give them better rankings. So, read the Google standards of a mobile-responsive website and make the required changes in your website.

Learn to think like a Customer

When designing a mobile website, most of the designers just change the dimensions to fit the desktop website on the small screen. This is not a right criterion to design an m-commerce site. You should try to think like a customer and observe the behavior, browsing habits, needs and wants of mobile users. There is a lot of difference between the thought process of desktop users and mobile users, which you should keep in mind when getting a mobile-responsive website.

To ensure that you get the best m-commerce website that qualifies on all the points, you should read Google’s search quality guidelines that also have a section Understanding Mobile User Needs.

Besides other factors, also keep the voice search in the mind. This is one of the highly used methods by the mobile users to interact with their devices. One of the best ways to get a better understanding of all these things is to behave like a customer and use your website from the same point of view.

Don’t forget app indexing and deep-linking

There are many marketers who are still confused whether they should have a mobile app or a full-fledged website to run a business on the mobile devices. Actually, it depends on the needs, niche and business model.

But if you think that it is important to have a mobile app to reach out to a broad customer base, you should also focus on app indexing and deep-linking to an edge of the competitors.

App indexing helps your business when Google’s search ‘spiders’ crawl the app to present relevant search data to the users. This is also a ranking factor, so to get better ranking in SEO; you should give importance to app indexing.

With confirmation from Google that is will be developing a separate mobile index, it is better for you to optimize your website for mobile.

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