Do sites really get benefited from the links in other Languages?

Do sites really get benefited from the links in other Languages?

Ever wondered what happens to those links which comes from different language websites to the one your site is in? What does Google do with such links?

Also, what do you think are websites benefited from such type of links or are these negative signs?

In a discussion with Google Webmaster, John Mueller a question was asked regarding if there is a domain with English or German content, will the German content be benefited from English links and vice versa?

To which John Mueller responded:

Yes, of course. If there is one website and you have different kind of content and same kinds of links, then that’s something where the website will grow in value over time as you gain links and popularity. The most important thing I’d watch out for is making sure you put these German and English content on separate URLs so you don’t have one URL with both German and English maybe side by side, but really separate URLs for each language”.

Specifying particularly about the scenario where a website is in one language and it is getting links in another language:

“I don’t see a problem with that. I think that’s perfectly fine, that’s not something you’d need to artificially channel to an English version of the page or anything like that.  That’s perfectly fine.  That kind of situation happens all the time. You also have this between different versions of your own website, so if you have an English version of the content and a Romanian version you’ll probably have a link back and forth saying this is the English version and this is the Romanian version and it’s perfectly fine.”

To which he explained the value of those links.

“No, I think we treat that just the same.  The main difference I guess there is that the anchor text might be different.  If we see a lot of anchor text going to one page with a specific text, and if that text is in the wrong language then that might make it hard for us to figure out which page should we rank for this English query.  Should we rank this Romanian page or should be rank the English page that kind of confirms it on the page?

It’s interesting as people generally disavow any link which comes from a site that is not in the same language as the destination site. But if Google does not penalize these links just because they are in different language it means these sites are disavowing legitimate links.

Also because it is in another language doesn’t mean it can be a good quality link. It is hard to judge a site when its link is based in different language. Google Translate can be a rescue, but you can also do other quality checks on a site which can help you in evaluation. This means you can look at building links from websites in language other than the one your site is in. Great isn’t it?

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