5 Killer Advertising Strategies to Baffle Your Business Competitors

5 Killer Advertising Strategies to Baffle Your Business Competitors

As it is rightly said, competition is a good to enhance your business dimensions and allow you to come with the best results. However, there is a need to steal your rival’s customers for better business. The question is how to achieve this and stand out from the league? Perhaps, you can do this with the help of advertising as it is the best way to reach your customers. There are various advertising strategies that can help you get away with your competitors in the market.

Have a look at some of the bright competitive advertising strategies to stand out different from your market rivals.

Facebook: The Best Platform to Target Competitors

There is no way by which you can precisely target individuals that have liked your competitor’s page. Facebook Ads do not have a provision of keyword targeting for your advertisements. However, there is another feature called interest-based targeting on Facebook. The interest range selected can either be wide or highly specific including the competitor name you wish to target. Facebook gives you the option to choose people whom you want to target based on various criteria. You can either enter the competitor brand name or try certain keyword combinations to reach the target audience.

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Utilize Gmail Ads against Competitor’s Emails

It is better to target people who have started reflecting their interest in the products sold by your competitors. Gmail Ads help to reach your competitors by using keyword targeting on their brand name and products. For instance, target the brand name of your rival as a part of your gmail ad campaign. This is to ensure that if your rival’s newsletter arrives in anybody’s inbox, automatically you will also receive a mail in account. However, you can inform the subscribers about your competing site. In order to steal the sales of your rival, trademark targeting of your competitor is the best option. Utilize the best subject lines so that number of people shall click on your ads.

Make Use of Google Display Network

Another way to reach out to your rival’s audience is through Google Display Network. If you want to outsmart your competitors, it is time for you to use Google’s custom affinity audience feature. This feature entitles you to specifically target those individuals who are more responsive towards your ads. It is better to target the home page of your competitors and the AdWords can analyze the behavior of the audience who visited the page. This is an effective approach to reach people who are familiar with your brand name and products. Thus, you can easily steal away the business from your rivals and rule your domain in the market.

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Use YouTube Ads to Disturb Rival’s Video

You may have noticed that youtube video is followed by multiple ads .So before you see the actual video; there are many advertisements that come across. This strategy works best these days. Spend as much as you can and develop watchable videos to catch the audience’s attention. Use these videos as a part of your advertising campaign to disturb your rival’s video on youtube.

Target Your Rival’s Twitter Followers

Many tools are available that allow you to download the twitter followers for any account. Use these tools to get the list of your competitor’s Twitter followers. This way you can generate ads to get more business in front of the users who are following your competitors Twitter account. The users are likely to show interest in your product and thus increasing its purchase.

Make a note of all these advertising marketing strategies to put your business ahead of your competitors.

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