5 Steps to take full advantage of AdWords conversion tracking

5 Steps to take full advantage of AdWords conversion tracking

Are you a big AdWords investor and still stick to Converted clicks? If yes, you are living in an old era. This is the ear of ‘Conversions.’
Before moving on to how to maximize the benefits from this new metric, let’s first understand the difference between ‘Converted clicks’ and “Conversions.” Actually both are metrics to check conversion rate from AdWords. The major difference is the wide scope of Conversions.

Converted clicks give you limited powers with no customization, no segmentation of conversion types and non tracking of store visits. It just tracks the conversion of a click.

On the other hand Conversions has advanced features like allowing users to prioritize the most important stuff for reporting and bidding. The below given steps will further help you take full advantage of “Conversions” column.

1. Switch from Converted Clicks to “Conversions” column
No doubt Converted clicks was a big support for you in preparing reports with success rate of the AdWords campaigns, it’s time to move on. Now, let the “Conversions” column replace it with some better features. The customizable and forward looking tool should be your only source of information.

2. Use “Conversions” column for the actions that deliver value
As “Conversions” column has high impact on your bidding, it is better to use it for the actions that provide value.
Though there is huge importance of tracking micro-conversions, as these help in understand consumer behavior and the actions made by them on the website, these should not necessarily be part of the bidding strategy. So, in “Conversions” column just gives importance to the actions that are important for bidding strategy to make best bids. For other information, All Conversions column is there for you.

3. Include cross-device conversions
Users see your ads on different devices, but might not take the action on the same device. To track the right conversion device and see power of different devices, include cross-device conversions in “Conversions” column. It saves you from the hassle of making flukes or using different custom columns to make report on cross-device behavior.

4. Personalize conversion windows
Customization of conversion windows and values will help you get accurate data on variation in purchase time and value. It will further help you segregate different leads on the bases of their value and plan the bids accordingly. Customized conversion window will help you assess the time taken in conversion.

5. Performance re-evaluation after changes in “Conversions” column
Once you are done with all the changes, update your bids to see the new value. It will also help you decide the right budget for different keywords. Just make sure the bids you make are as per the selected track value.

Make timely changes in conversion tracking in AdWords and get more value from your investment in ads with track of all the actions made by customers coming from the ads.

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