5 Tools to Effectively Manage the Email Marketing Campaign

5 Tools to Effectively Manage the Email Marketing Campaign

With lots of tweaking, designing, and testing, email marketing can be an overwhelming process for new businesses. But getting a response from clients is not a piece of cake.

Bad open rates; bad click rates and ineffective campaigns, there are many things that might discourage you from investing time and energy in email campaigns. Instead of feeling bad just think what is going wrong and stopping you from grabbing the attention of your audience.

Sometimes, the loopholes in email marketing campaign management can also spoil all the efforts. To help you make your campaigns more successful, here are five tools.

  • Hellobar

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Opt-in forms are one of the most important things when you launch a website. It is always good to make as creative and effective form as you can. If you are new and confused how to do that, Hellobar is the right tool for you. It’s easy to use tool that makes form designing easy and effective.

  • Mailchimp

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No matter how effective and creative is your email campaign it is of no use if it doesn’t reach the right audience. For this, you need an email list. Managing long email lists manually can be a really daunting process. Mailchimp eases out this process by allowing you to automatically go out to your customers.

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  • PadiAct

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What is your best option to reach out to the potential customers? Isn’t it a subscription to your emails for repeat sales? For this, you need an impressive call-to-action button. PadiAct is the right tool for you to ensure right and timely placement of call-to-action button to increase opt-in rate.

  • Contactually

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Can you segregate the important and the most valuable contacts from your huge networking list? Contactually is the tool that lets you decide, who need special care for cultivation and who can be left for general communication. The tool connects with Google Accounts while syncing up your contact list to check the interaction and find the key points for segregation.

Contactually personalizes your targets on the basis of your past interactions that save any extra effort for data collection.

  • SalesLoft

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This is a new innovation from SalesForce that can be easily connected with the CRM. You can integrate your CRM with SalesLoft to improve successful demons and appointments. This sales development platform helps you drive leads from opportunities and then convert them into actual sales.

Are you using some more email marketing tools to generate more business from it? Kindly share them with us through comments below.

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