5 Useful Tips to Integrate Pokémon GO in Local Marketing Campaign

5 Useful Tips to Integrate Pokémon GO in Local Marketing Campaign

Within a week of its launch, Pokémon Go has gained immense popularity. People from all walks of life and age group are getting crazy for the game. Not just the kids, working professionals and youth are also downloading and playing the game reality game Pokémon Go throughout the day.

Millions of people are downloading the app every day and visiting varied locations to “catch ‘em all.” “Them” in the game are the animated monsters. With so many people coming out to catch Pokémon, you also get an opportunity to promote your local business.

You must be thinking how a game can help you boost your local business. So here is your gateway to local marketing success with the help of a game. Use the strategies given below to integrate the game into your local marketing campaign.

Give Lures to Attract Trainers

Though the lure of the game is to bring the Pokémon to a specific location, you can use the strategy to lure trainers and players. If your business is near the Poke-stop, you can drop a “lure” for 30 minutes to bring in the trainers wandering nearby. But to drop lures, you need to buy them with real money. Now the number of Pokémon you show to lure people depends on how much you invest.

Serve Individual Teams

There has been an astonishing amount of strangers bonding and team affiliations to win the game. You should take advantage of the startling amount of pride people have in their team choices by catering to specific team members. You can plan different offers for the varied team on different days to attract them and grow your business. For instance, if you have a coffee shop, you can offer $1 off drinks for Team A or trade tips for Team B.

Show your Participation with Valuable Tips

If you want to drive more attention towards your business, you need to indulge with the players by giving them some helpful tips. You can take help of social media networks to update people about happening in your area. For instance, if you see that any of your customers has caught a rare Pokémon in your area, you can update it on social media network to drive more traffic.

Provide Charging Stations

Playing video games on mobile phones reduce their battery life. Pokémon Go is also a battery intensive game compelling players to charge their phones regularly. You can attract the players by putting a signage outside your business showing that you are providing charging station.

Promote rare Pokémon people can find in your location

Another feature of the game is that some Pokémon can be found only in specific areas. If you own a business in such a location, it’s a great opportunity for you to promote your local business. Advertise rare Pokémon people can find in your area on different social media websites to attract more traffic and footfall in your store.

The game is not even a week old and it’s already very popular among all the spheres of society. Businesses have even come up with marketing strategies to leverage the power of the game to grow their sales. With the increasing number of people downloading the app, there are more businesses opportunities waiting for you. Just update your strategies in alignment with the game and get ready for more people visiting your local store.

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