7 Tips to Get Maximum Benefit from a Small PPC Budget

7 Tips to Get Maximum Benefit from a Small PPC Budget

Have you ever come across a situation when you had to compromise with the benefits from paid advertising due to limited budget? Or you wanted to get a new PPC account but couldn’t do it due to high price?

Do you have amazing plans to create attention grabbing PPC campaigns, but have to hold the decision due to small budget? Though it is every PPC manager’s dream to get the open budget to experiment as much as they can, only a few get this opportunity.

Don’t worry, there are some techniques and ideas using them you can easily maximize your benefits from the PPC campaign even after having a modest budget. Just have a look at seven tips and prove that even a small budget can do wonders and drive conversions if used creatively.

1. Bid on Brand Terms: If you don’t want your competitors to beat you by using your brand name, take a proactive step and start making the bid on the brand terms. If you are worried about the budget, for your information branded clicks are less expensive than non-brand clicks.

2. Get Creative with Ad Scheduling: When you are on a limited budget and want to get more conversions, you need be very careful with the ad scheduling. Observe the time when you get most of the leads in your industry and highlight the ads during that time. For remaining time, you can either turn off the ads or can lower the bids for a certain period of time.

3. Don’t Forget Remarketing: This is a way to reach out to the people who have in any way shown interest in your products or services. Make a list of the people who have visited your website but left it without making any purchase. Don’t let these potential customers forget about you. Get good results and convert these visitors into customers by investing in remarketing. This is an apt way to get conversions with cheap clicks.

4. Focus on Local: If you have a local business limited to specific location, state or territory like the lawyers, doctors etc. you should target at the area you operate in. It will help you save money and get worthy clicks in limited budget.

5. Think about Shared Budgets: If you invest in different campaigns, shared budget can be a great opportunity for you. It allows you to share your budget over different campaigns. Though you will rarely see PPC companies using this strategy, you can use it to maximize your benefits from the PPC campaign with a limited budget.

6. Experiment with Call-Only Campaigns: This is a good strategy for increase conversions from the mobile search results. Call only campaigns allow the mobile searches to make a call for any query or buying assistance.

7. Negate: Another way to control your budget after the launch of a campaign it to pay attention to negative keywords. You can start your campaign with a list of negative keywords and then negate it swiftly with reviews of search terms.

Investing in paid ads in Google is not always targeting the No. 1 position. If you invest your money wisely and creatively you can get better results in SERPs, even by focusing on 2 or 3rd position in the Google AdWords.

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