9 Other Metric that you should care more than Ranking

9 Other Metric that you should care more than Ranking

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization people generally get concerned about the top #1 ranking. While rankings are surely a key phenomenon in SEO, but personalisation, social influence and localization affects its results. Hence when people ponder “why is it they are not ranked for this particular keyword or phrase?” the answer is simple, where a simple change in algorithm changes the game.

So rather worrying about site ranks, consider these 9 metrics that matters the most.

Traffic: While one of the key important metric is to track overall visitors. This total number can however be misleading. As traffic can be easily manipulated, where many web marketers engage in practices that are designed to drive up the visitor hits, without any consideration as to whether those visitors are even site’s target audience. Hence capturing ‘targeted’ audience can only improve your site’s performance.

Conversions: Only when a casual visitor hits the point of conversion you have earned a customer. Its basically making your customer do what you want them to do. It can be a room reservation in case of a hotel while for an ecommerce site conversions is the visitor turned buyer. But if they proceed without doing so, you have lost your battle!
Hence conversions are much more important metric than rankings and traffics and so your website should be conversion -friendly.

Revenue: Inflow of Money is what tells the true story. Only revenue generated gives you the clear picture of tapped audience. For example- the profit earned over 100 conversions is lesser in comparison to 10 conversions. Hence revenue matters a lot in comparison to other metrics.

Conversion Rate: Conversion rate gives you an overall number where you can improve your conversion rate and lead to a significant lift in revenue. So Once the conversion rates are maximized, any increase in new traffic will lead to higher revenues.

Subscribers: Subscribers are those people who have shown keen interest in you company and wants to stay update with all the latest happening within your company. This is a measure which indicates your progression and works as a positive indicator where you are able to reach your target audience.

Engagement rate: Measuring the engagement rate gives the picture of how many followers or subscribers are really interested dialoguing or reaching out to your company. It is a direct feedback process and lets you connect directly with your target audience.

Loyalty and Recency: Online engagement is an important tool of social media to turn existing followers into active customers. Where not only social media helps in building brand name but also a fan following. Hence, tracking loyalty and recency lets you see how often your customers comes back to you. So higher the recency rate the more loyal is your audience to you.

Return on Ad Spend (ROAS): For every penny you shell out, how much new money is influxed in business? Return on ad spend basically determines whether your ad campaign is profitable or not.

Cost per conversion: Every product has a different value so the amount of money you will invest in getting conversions will also vary greatly. With ROAS you will be assured of investing unlimited amount of money, knowing your profitability point.

What do you think, which metric values measure more? Share your views in comments below and stay tuned.

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