9 ways to stop shoppers from bouncing off of an eCommerce site

It has become a very common phenomenon for consumers to buy from the various online portals offering anything and everything with just few clicks. However, in all of the visits and purchases, most consumers bounce off from one website to the other with a rate of 34 percent in the eCommerce industry. Therefore, if a company is wondering why visitors still bounce off, the answer to this may very well be engagement tactics that website needs to follow to get the maximum conversion rate.

Here are a few techniques, which can be employed to reduce bounce rate and enhance conversion ratio-

  • Ensure definite word count of the Search Bar

One of the reasons why consumers go over to different sites is because they are not able to find what they are looking for. To overcome this problem, it is important to make the search bar as prominent and effective as possible. As per a study conducted in 2002, the ideal search box should not go more than 27-charaters in length. However, the basic search bars are wide only up to 18-character. Thus, when the long query is filled in, the limitation of characters divides it only to a short portion at a time, making editing or reviewing the query difficult.

  • Adapt a strong site-search solution

It is not enough to have the ideal length of the search box because it may or may not show up the right results. It is, hence very important to consider how site-search is as it might affect the site experience. 37Signals is one of the reports that can be used to see if the site-search functionality is taking care of the common issues the shoppers may be facing.

  • Keep a tab on the Speed

If a website page takes enough time to load for shoppers to feel bored or tired, chances are that most of the impulse buyers will drop off. For every extra second the webpages take to load, the conversions can drop by 7 percent. Also, 57 percent of the online shoppers do not wait for more than three seconds before bouncing off to the other. A fast loading site is always preferred over the one taking time.

  • Show the offers/top deals/limited time offers at the top

When the GOSF (Great Online Shopping Festival) started, each and every online portal started to show the deals at the top of the site to attract the consumers. It is even valid when the company or the website is offering other discounts, deals, etc. the spaces can be filled in with the top reviews, about the company, colors, etc. Especially when there is a tag saying limited edition, most shoppers start to search for whatever they are looking for. Too many information can lead to confusion and hence bouncing off the site.

  • Avoid distractions

When there are too many distractions, people tend to get confused and the next best choice for them is to shift to a different website. Make the design as simple and easy to use as possible. A very famous website Inside Buzz used a test where they created a homepage with less options, making the simplified version of website engagement increased by 17.8 percent. Also, if the website has ads running on the website, they can be placed at a position that is less intrusive. Most visitors bounce off to other website when an ad pops up. Keeping the website neat, clean and without distraction will help the visitor to not bounce off.

  • Keep an option of Live Chat help

Since online shopping is limited to clicking on the image they like, website can have an option of live chat so that they don’t take much time about thinking whether to buy it or not. Once satisfied, the shoppers will waste no time in buying the product but it can only be possible when they are sure about the unanswered questions. A lot of the shoppers consult the reviews before going ahead with the purchases. Installing a live chat option can go a long way in taking care of bounce rate.

  • Let the CTA take a stand out

If the visitors are landing directly on the product pages, it is also important that they easily reach a call to action (CTA) option to get to the next stage of shopping. If there is no prominent CTA, a visitor may feel stuck and may want to leave. An apparel company RIPT, a visual website optimizer customer, saw an increase of 6.3 percent in sales after they made the CTA stand out.

  • Attractive design attracts customers

It is right to say that ‘You get what you Show’. Consumers actually consider the design of the website to be one of the criteria when they are shopping online. A good and attractive design automatically helps to make the customers understand that the website is credible just with the way it is designed. Consistency in fonts, colors and layout is not only what company should do but is very important. As rightly said, ‘First impression is the last’.

Ways to stop shoppers from bouncing off of an eCommerce site
  • Social media and content quality

This is one broad area of marketing and an important one. It comprises of the social indulgence of the online shopping lovers, social sign-in for comments, simple embedded tweets, share imperatives or even the incentives against content. The more reach you get, the more it is likely for the visitors to become your regular buyers. Content and commerce go hand in hand. It is important to be precise and at the same time bang on with the product. Crisp content while dealing with the eCommerce options can be the key to grab visitor’s attention.

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