Amazon Beats Google as Preferred Product Search Point

Amazon Beats Google as Preferred Product Search Point

Power Reviews recently conducted a survey of 1000 US consumers to find out the preferred starting point for product search. The report surprises everyone by announcing that Amazon is the most preferred starting search point for the products.

Though the different was of minor three percent, Google got the second position with 35 percent searchers against 38 percent on Amazon. The other eCommerce sites and retailer sites like eBay; Etsy etc. were the other competitors.

The ratio of the preferred starting search points is:

• Amazon – 38%
• Google – 35%
• Retailer sites – 21%
• eCommerce marketplaces – 6%

The major reasons which inspired the searchers to start their online buying process on Amazon were reviews, free shipping, amazing deals and easy product selection.

The buyers who preferred Google were further asked about their preferred choices on getting results. Around 52% of them said they clicked n Google results while 41% went with Amazon link and retailer links. Out of 35% shoppers, 27% said that they clicked on the brand sites.

The surprising thing that the survey revealed was that even after clicking on different online stores and eCommerce marketplaces, most of the shoppers end up buying the products from physical retail stores.

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