Authorship is Officially Dead, Google Stops using it completely

Authorship is officially dead, Google stops using it completely

Google’s webmaster tends analyst Gary Illyes announced at the SMX Advanced that authorship is completely and officially dead now. Google has stopped using it, even for the in-depth articles.

I know you must be thinking that what is new in that, Google had already stopped using authorship in August 2014. Yes, Google stopped it, but it continued to use authorship for in-depth articles and that’s why online marketing companies were still working on building authorship.

Till October 2015, Google suggested the marketers and businesses to keep authorship on their pages. Columnist Eric Enge mentioned in one of his blogs on authorship that it is still important to work on building authority. He explained many benefits of working on this like higher visibility, good reputation, more links on the content, accelerated content marketing program and increased fan base.

But this advice of building authorship seems to be completely useless now. Gary Illys said that the leading search engine has stopped it using completely. He further said that “we have fixed that problem,” which means they have already found a solution to authorship.

Are you thinking that without authorship, how will Google get to know about the writer? Google will do it by “reading” the content.

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