Bing Ads Rolled Out Expanded Text Ads Globally

After Google, now Bing Ads also released Expanded Text Ads (ETAs) globally. After testing it in beta for around three months, Bing Ads finally rolled out this feature on October 25.

Advertisers can now create and launch longer text ad formats in Bing Ads Editor. They can also import ETAs from Google AdWords in the Bing Ads interface. To make it more effective and beneficial for the advertisers, Bing Ads has also made it compatible with various third-party platforms including Marin Software, Adobe Media Optimizer, and Rakuten Marketing.

Bing’s ETAs look more of like Google’s expanded text ads and that is the reason the advertisers are allowed to import them from Google. This helps the advertisers save time and efforts along with easy migration.

The Early launch of Google’s ETAs helped Bing Ads improve their Expanded Text Ads. Though Google’s ETAs helped advertisers by considerably increasing the SERP and CTR, these had some pitfalls which caused criticism. Bing Ads paid attention to these loopholes and ensured to cover them in its ETAs to make it more effective and useful for the users.

How Bing ETAs are different from Google ETAs?

Bing ETA display

Though Bing’s ETAs have all the features of Google ETAs, it has some features making it more enjoyable and beneficial for the advertisers.

Limited truncation issues than Google: Though Bing Ads also have truncation issues; these are still much lower than Google.

Better control on Display URL:

Bing Ads Rolled Out Expanded Text Ads Globally

Like Google’s ETAs, Bing also populates your ad’s display URL from the ad’s final URL domain. But to make it more beneficial for the advertisers, Bing allows the users to capitalize their domain name, which is not possible with Google ads.

Are you ready to test Bing’s new Expanded Text Ads? Don’t forget to share your experience and changes in the results through comments.

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