Boost Online Conversions With These 5 Elements

Boost Online Conversions With These 5 Elements

When investing in paid ad campaigns, companies usually end up paying all the attention to the ad copies and the bids, but the success of paid search in not just about the ad copies. Along with this, you also need to pay due attention to the quality of your landing page and ad extensions.

So here are a few elements including which you can boost online conversion of your paid search campaigns. These elements have been finalized after analyzing the shopper expectations when they buy products online.

  • Use Images

use images to boost online conversion

Around 78 percent of online buyers give preference to images. And this is the reason Google gives importance to images and has now included the same in SERPs as well. You can enhance the number of images in search results by using product listing ads. Images play important role in boosting online conversion.

  • Product reviews

product reviews

Around 70 percent buyers make their final decision after reading the product reviews on different social media and product comparison websites. Besides using them on your website, you can integrate the reviews into PPC ads with the help of review extensions. To win trust and build authority, regularly ask your customers to leave feedback and product reviews.

  • Product demos through videos

Around 30 percent online shoppers prefer watching product demo video to pick the best option. This gets more important for complicated products. For instance, if you sell a blender with some unique design or functionality, you should include product demo videos on the landing page.

  • Live chat

conversion with live chat service

Around 25 percent online buyers give preference to online stores having a website chat software. You can add this feature in your ad campaign with the ActionLink extension in Bing. In industries where people have more queries about the product, live chat feature helps the brands get increased engagement and conversions.

  • Product comparisons

With easy access to multiple online stores at the same time, around 46 percent shoppers first compare the products and then buy the best one.

By offering side-by-side comparison feature, you not just help customers save their time but also help them pick the best product. You can show graph or table to make it easier for the shoppers to read and digest the information.

These elements might seem very small, but when you look at their impact on the conversion rate, you will understand their power. So, next time when running a paid search campaign, don’t forget to incorporate these elements in your ad and landing pages.

Author: Ankit Roy

Ankit Roy has been a columnist, digital marketing expert, blogger and editor. He specializes in digital marketing strategies, technical and international creative SEO, web analytics, and business development strategy.

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