How to Build Proper Citation to Win at Local SEO Search?

How to Build Proper Citation to Win at Local SEO Search?

The importance of local business listing is not hidden from anyone. With four out of five mobile users searching for the local business on their devices, it has got imperative for the companies to work on their local SEO. The best part of local searches on mobile devices is that around 80% of the searches get converted into sales.

No doubt listing business for local SEO is essential, but when it comes to search engine optimization, local SEO is completely different from traditional SEO. Where normal SEO is all about content optimization and link building, local SEO is more about citation building to get business name mentioned by the local sites.

What is Citation?

After reading about citation building, the next question that comes to the mind is what is all it? Actually, citations are online references to your business. For local SEO this is equivalent to link building in traditional SEO. The citations point to your physical stores with the name, address and phone number. Besides driving traffic, these also help you get better search engine rankings as Google uses the citations to evaluate the online authority of the business.

So in simple terms citations is all about mentioning your business name.

The next question is, “how to build citations to win at local SEO search?”

1. By Using Citation Building Services

There are many expert local SEO service providers who build citations for their clients. These have a complete database of the sites that accept citations, which eases out the process for you. In good agencies, experienced people build citations manually to ensure that you get the optimum results.

2. Doing it Yourself

You can always work on local SEO of your business and can build citations manually. You can learn the process and do what these companies do. You can find different lists to know the places you can build the citations or from where you can get high-quality citations.

Citation building is a simple process. You can do it even with the basic knowledge of the internet. Just start your search for the places where you want to build citations for SEO juice like Google My Business, Yahoo Local!, Facebook, Yelp and other review sites or directories.

Just make sure that you provide the same business information every time listing of your business is done. This is possible by using NAP the same way on your Google+ local page and on the website.

NAP in local SEO is like the link that completely relies on the URL. A mistake or different in the NAP is like providing the wrong URL and redirecting people at a wrong place.

Besides providing identical information for all the listings, you should also write attractive and informative business description. To get an idea, you can also check the information and ad copies provided by your competitors.

3. Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

If you want to gain more benefits of online marketing, it is better to hire an experienced digital agency like Round Ark. The best part of hiring an experienced company is their experience in either your industry or the local search. Some of the digital marketing agencies offer the complete solution that includes local SEO, broader SEO, and other online marketing activities.

In my opinion, the last option is the best pick as it helps you gain more business and benefits by leveraging expert knowledge.


Citation building is the most effective tool to generate business from local SEO. But as we can see the link building, the citation should also be done carefully to generate local SEO juice. You should get rewarded from this by getting more footfalls in your physical store; exploitation of the feature can cause penalty.

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