What are the Crucial Elements of Strong SEO Copy?

What are the Crucial Elements of Strong SEO Copy?

Today SEO is not just a technique to draw the attention of different search engines; rather it is more dynamic, personal and exciting process for those who love experiments and new changes. Content makes a crucial part of search engine optimization, but today the importance and definition of SEO content have changed completely.

In this market where millions of people write and post a lot of crap, you can never expect good results with a web copy stuffed with nothing but keywords. Today’s audience, as well as an advanced search engine like Google, gives importance to more relevant, useful and informative content.

No matter how advanced you are or how updated you keep yourself with the latest changes; you cannot expect success until you have strong SEO content. There are some rules to write striking SEO copy that appeals the writers, marketers, search engines and the readers. Here are some crucial elements for great SEO copywriting that will help you get success today and tomorrow.

1. Great Meta Content

Missing out on the quality and appeal of the Meta titles and descriptions can cause you huge losses. You can boost your rankings and organic traffic by simply writing fresh Metas that compel the readers to stop and click on your link.

2. Relevant Sentences for Embedded Links

If you are still stuck to age old call-to-action buttons like “read more” or “click here” stop using them immediately. Make the most of your potential link juice by writing valuable and relevant phrases for the embedded links.

3. Keep Readers in the Mind

There are hundreds of SEOs who still write for search engines and completely ignore the readers. If you really want to get full ROI from your investment in content marketing, make it more readable by keeping the readers in your mind.

Some search engine marketing companies also call it writing for the RankBrain because over time it has become an important ranking algorithm in Google. If you write RankBrain focused content, there are high chances of getting it accepted by the users and attract more visitors.

4. Focus on Storytelling

SEO and storytelling; are you confused about their relation? Don’t be confused, and just keep in the mind that storytelling makes an important part of SEO content writing.

A compelling story helps you hold the reader’s attention and encourage them to take the desired action. Besides increased engagement, it also helps you get better ratings in the search engines.

5. Go Mobile Friendly

Most of the marketers today know about the importance of mobile friendly website and content, but there are very few who actually work on that. Google’s recent update that increased the importance of its mobile-friendly ranking signal has further made it essential for the businesses to focus on mobile-friendly content. Besides easy readability on small screens, your content should also have quick load time, minimal JavaScript, easy navigation and optimized images.

6. Avoid Keyword Stuffing

Keywords are important for SEO, but a content having nothing but keywords can never get the attention of the search engines. Go through the guidelines to understand keyword density and follow the same while writing SEO copy. It will make your content SEO friendly as well as user-friendly and will help you get improved rankings with increased traffic.

SEO is a highly flexible industry with numerous unpredictable changes. Though you cannot adjust immediately, you can plan your strategies in the safest way to avoid any impact of these changes. Following these six tips can help you provide quality and relevant content to your readers, which search engine also likes.

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