Do-Follow Links Vs. No-Follow Links – Which is Better for SEO?

Do follow and no follow are some of the most commonly used terms in SEO. There has been a long debate over importance and benefit of these links for the search engine optimization. Some are a huge fan of do-follow links and consider them a crucial part of successful SEO while some completely favor no follow links and consider other of lower value. Actually, there is no hard evidence that claims any of the links to be the best. People supporting them have their own arguments. Let’s try to understand how do they matter for the success of the SEO.

The Do-Follow Links Argument

People who support do-follow links have the logical argument that for link juice Google should only consider do-follow links as no-follow links have clear instruction for the search engines to ignore them.

The No-Follow Links Argument

There are some experts in the digital marketing world who believe that no-follow links are also beneficial for SEO. They take these links as a great source of referral traffic. Comment links and influencers posts are the great examples of nofollow links. A thoughtfully written and well-placed comment on a popular blog can help businesses get huge traffic quickly.

How can you forget Wikipedia? This is the best example of the importance of nofollow links. There was a time when links on this site used to be do-follow, but link spammers misused the feature and compelled the authorities to introduce no-follow links. However, you can still get hundreds of visitors from the site by even having a single nofollow link to your site.

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As such, there is no full proof evidence to support any of the options. SEO is not a science with hard and fast rules. In this market, the same approach works differently for varied businesses. So the right rule is to have a perfect balance of both the types of links to gain maximum benefit.

Focus on high-quality do-follow links by offering relevant content to boost search engine rankings. You can focus on unique and high-quality guest blogs, web directories, article marketing and blog networks for do follow links. To get increased referral traffic focus on no follow links with blog commenting, forums and other options from where you can expect a high amount of traffic.

The right practice for the success in the highly competitive online market is to maintain a right balance of do-follow and no-follow links. While making links, your focus should be just on the quality of links and the benefits you will get. Forget about the battle of do-follow and no-follow.

What is your opinion on this debate? Just leave the comment to share your views about do-follow and no-follow links.

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