Facebook Announces News Feed Algorithm Update to Maintain Personal Element

Facebook Announces News Feed Algorithm Update to Maintain Personal Element

Facebook recently updated its News Feed algorithm to promote personal posts over news stories. As per the new update, the social networking platform wishes to maintain the personal element and will give priority to personal updates in the news feed. Though for users it can be a good move, but what about the publishers?

Facebook started as a platform to connect people with their friends and families, but the greed of increased profits diverted it from the original concept. It started looking like more of an advertising portal with full of stories from publishers. Realizing this, Facebook decided to go back to its original concept by favoring personal stories again. This announcement came as a shock for the publishers as now their organic reach that is already low will further drop.

Page managers are already facing a challenge due to constantly dropping organic reach and this new update will further increase their problems. Around 42% drop in the organic reach has created an alarming situation for the publishers.

Publishers are now forced to rethink their content strategy to get engagement and traffic to maintain their presence on Facebook.

As the spokesperson for Facebook said that the objective behind the news feed update is to help visitors get more relevant content, the publishers still have an opportunity to maintain their position by offering more user-friendly and helpful content.

If you do social media marketing for your business only with the objective to get your content shared and reach out to more people, you need to bring changes in your strategies. Your content should be focused on offering value, which is possible by having creative, unique and authentic content.

If you focus on creative content, you can still maintain the organic reach and with a high number of shares. Another factor that can help you get more traffic and views is native content in a video form. Facebook has clearly announced its preferences of native content and encouraged the publishers to focus on the same. If you haven’t made it part of your social media marketing plan, you must experiment with native content now.

So What is the Next Step for Publishers?

The first thing, don’t panic with the new update. Instead of wasting time on cursing Facebook for the new update, start understanding your audience and the past performance of your page. It will help you deal with the new #Friendmageddon by posting content that still shows at the top of news feed.

Just adjust your social practices and get ready for more organic traffic with your creative and shareable content.

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