Facebook Introduced Live Video Streaming For Limited iPhone Users

Facebook Introduced Live Video Streaming For Limited iPhone Users

Facebook recently released live video and collage sharing for a small percentage of iPhone users in US. It will bring you closer to the family and friends by making them feel as if they are with you.

Irrespective of location, you can share your experience or activities with your friends in real time through Live. At the end of the video, the social media platform gives you an option of either sharing it with the friends on Timeline or just delete it.

How to share video?

Click on the Update Status; choose Live Video icon; write a quick description and select the audience you want to share the video with. The best part about the video is the feature of live updates during broadcast. You will be able to see the number of live viewers, friends turning in and real-time stream of comments.

You can also see live videos by others in New Feed. You can also subscribe while watching a video to get notified when the next broadcast goes live.

Besides this, Facebook has also introduced live photo sharing features, where the users can share their experience by grouping photos and videos taken from the phone. You can share this into a scrolling or moving collage.

Currently only a lucky few have got this feature in their iPhones. Are the one of those lucky people? If yes, please share your experience with the other iPhone users through comments.

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