Five Effective Ways to Add Life to Your Lackluster Product Page

Five Effective Ways to Add Life to Your Lackluster Product Page

Are you missing out on a lot of sales and conversions irrespective of good traffic? Have you tried to figure out the problem?

Most probably it is due to lackluster product page your eCommerce website has. Finding boring product pages on most of the online stores is a common problem. People visit the landing page on looking attractive deals, but as and when they look at the dull product page with very low-quality images, they leave it to look for better options.

This is not something, for which you don’t have a solution. If you have good products, why should you let the customer turn off due to bad page quality? Here are five effective tips to help you add life to your dud product page and hold the customers to complete their buying process.

1. Consider Load Time

As per the experts, a perfect page should not take more than three seconds to load. If it takes more time than this, 40% of the users leave the page. So, check your product page for the load time and if it takes more than three seconds, work on its speed.

2. Create a Lasting First Impression

I think there is no need to tell you how important the first impress is. A fast-loading page also creates a strong impression on the customers. To get that, you should conduct a first impression test by asking a few people to check your website and record the loading time.

Besides loading time, you should also ask them about their feedback on the design, product images, ads etc. to get an idea of how the first impression was.

Compare feedback of all the people and then make the required changes to create an eCommerce website that compels the visitors to say wow when they visit it.

3. Make an Attention Grabbing CTA

Though CTAs on product pages are different from the ones on other web pages, these also need to be attention grabbing. Be it the color, size or font, ask your website designer to make it in such a way that these are impossible to ignore. Encourage customers to add products to the shopping cart by making it appealing and engaging.

4. Use High-Quality Images from Varied Angles

Today’s online buyers are more informed and curious when buying products. They want to get complete details about the products along with the exemplary images of their use. Make sure your product page has high-quality, expandable and engaging images showing real people using the product. Use different images in multiple settings and in different dimensions.

5. Highlight Customer Ratings

Reviews and ratings for the products have a vital role in customer’s buying decision. Any product having more star rating and positive reviews has more chances of getting sold than the one with no stars or reviews.

Make sure the ratings and reviews on your products are highlighted well to provide immediate context to the buyers.

Use these simple yet helpful tips to make your product page shine in the highly competitive online world. The best idea is to hire an eCommerce website designing company that knows what is required for an online store.

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