Five Great Ways to Increase Conversions from Remarketing

Five Great Ways to Increase Conversions from Remarketing

Remarketing is a strategy most of the online businesses use to remind the customer who visited your store but didn’t complete the process. Besides a reminder, it also works as a brand reinforcement technique when the prospective customers are moving around the web.

A technique companies use to track customers’ buying habits is to place cookies in their browsers. It helps them design remarketing adverts as per the interest of the targeted audience. A strategically designed advert can help you get increased conversion, but for this, the campaign needs to have some specific features. Have a look at the key factors you must ensure in your remarketing adverts to grab every opportunity of a conversion.

1. Relevance

When picking products for the remarketing campaign, you should give importance to the products, which are essential for the audience. The right technique is to display the products customer viewed on your website. If a customer has viewed some products but didn’t complete the shopping process, you can include the products in the add banner to compel them to buy it.

2. Encouraging Call-to-Action

Button up your advert with a compelling call-to-action, which the customers cannot ignore. It provides a push to the customers encouraging them to visit the website and buy the product. Combine the impressive CTA button with persuasive ad copy to increase chances of conversions.

3. Timing has a Lot of impact

Not everyone visiting your website will buy the product from the same place. They might decide to buy it either from the store or by ordering it on the phone. So, instead of showing the same product time and again, include some complementary products in the banner ads. If the customers have already made a purchase, your adverts will reinforce the brand by constantly showing your brand through the ads.

You should be very careful with the timing of your ads. It is better to design some specific Dynamic remarketing campaigns with Google ads to keep track of the people who have visited your store.

4. Right Design as per the Audience

This is really a tricky process and a minor mistake in the selection of the design can spoil the whole campaign. The right idea is to take help of experienced and professional remarketing advert company that can offer you designs that reflect your brand and encourage the buyers to complete the shopping process.

5. Optimize to boost conversions

With regular PPC campaign, you must keep an eye on the remarketing adverts to keep track of their performance as they are optimized for conversions. Major areas to focus during testing process include:

• Calls to action copy

• Different messages for varied audience

• Number of times the adverts has to be displayed

• Quality of images in the advert

• Type of adverts: static, animated or just text

Focus on these features and you are sure to get more business and leads from your investment in remarketing advert campaigns.

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