Five Strong Sources to Get Online Reviews except Google

Five Strong Sources to Get Online Reviews except Google

The importance of online reviews is not hidden from anyone. Today, almost every business owner knows the value of local reviews posted by the users. These play the vital role in overall marketing and advertising plan because around 79% or the online buyers trust these reviews as much as they rely on personal recommendations.

Most of the business rely only on Google and Yelp for online reviews. Do you know that there are some other helpful platforms from where you can source useful user reviews? Have a look at the other platforms where users can add their reviews and help you win the trust of the customers. Understand the importance of these sources, and in future request your buyers to write reviews at these places.

Amazon Customer Reviews

Amazon is one of the biggest and the most reliable online shopping site. Whether someone wants to buy a product from the site or not, they surely spend time on checking the reviews of the products. The huge product base of the online store ensures that consumers find reviews of the desired product.

The site also has different category of the reviewers like “top reviewers” “hall of the fame reviewer” etc. You just have to approach these reviewers to get positive feedback about your products.

Consumer Reports

Though this has been there since 1936, it has tremendously updated itself as per the modern consumers. They have a strong presence on different social media channels to ensure that they can reach out to a huge audience base. As this is a non-profit company, you can convince them to write positive reviews about your products or services by ensuring top quality.

Aabaco Small Business from Yahoo!

Also known as Yahoo! Local Listings, it offers various options to the business owners to grow their client base. You just have to list your business on the site to reach out to its network of over 150 million local audiences. You can opt for either free listing or paid an enhanced listing for additional benefits and get ready for consumer reviews. You also get an opportunity to respond to the comments users leave on your business listing.

Facebook Ratings and Reviews

Facebook is not just to post status and images. It has huge benefits for the business. Today, this is one of the most trusted sources for product reviews. Online buyers don’t forget to check the ratings and reviews at this social networking site. Higher the number of ratings and reviews more are the chances of getting shown in the news feed. Besides getting reviews, you should also focus on timely responding to the same to ensure that you are an active business.


Though its importance has gone down with the time, it is still important at some places. So, you should not leave any platform where people can search for your business. The platform still has a huge user base of around 50 million people, who use it for product reviews. So, make sure you encourage your consumers to leave reviews on this platform also.

Now that you know that Google and Yelp are not the only places to get reviews, you should start making strategies to encourage your consumers to leave reviews on all the platforms. Have you tried luck on any of these platforms? What were the benefits you got? Please share your experience through comments.

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