How to Optimize PPC Campaign For Conversions With High-quality Clickable Ads?

How to Optimize PPC Campaign For Conversions With High-quality Clickable Ads

PPC campaigns are the easiest way to drive traffic by paying for the top ranks. But sometimes the results from the ads are much lower than the money paid for them. All promises made by the Google AdWords companies look false as the cost per click goes much higher even after having attractive landing page, catchy ad copy and strong keywords.

The first step to get clickable ads is to optimize the PPC campaign for conversions, which is possible when you make customers center of the marketing campaign. Though Google and customers both are equally important for success of Google AdWords campaigns, the more attention should be given to customers, as these are the ones going to give you business. Higher click-through rate will also bring down your cost per click.

Below are some of the ideas to optimize your ad campaign for high click-through rates while getting high quality score from Google and more clicks from the users. Right implementation of the ideas given below will not just increase your Click through Rate, but will also reduce cost per click and increase the ROI made on paid ads.

1. Split testing of ads: If you think that you can win in the highly competitive market with your guess work and intuitions, you are making a blunder. You need real world data, which you can easily get through split testing.

The split testing process includes testing of two different ads for one variable to check outcome of the ads. The ads might vary in terms of headlines, ad copy, images and other factors to get statistically significant result. Make sure you don’t create any interference in between by making minor changes like adding comma or full stop. The one with high click through rate helps you design your ad copy for better results.

2. Pitch users based on their stage in the buying cycle: Users might respond to the same ad differently in different situations. So to target the customers and get high CTR, the ad should be designed after analyzing where the user is at in the buying cycle. You can do this by observing their search query. Compelling user to buy while he is looking just for specific information will reduce your CTR.

You might have the product or services as per user requirements, but he/she might not be ready to make the purchase at that moment. If users are just looking for information or reviews, you can provide whitepapers or other information content with the product features after exchanging email ids to contact in future.

3. Be specific: Users look for specific information on internet and click on the ads as close as their requirements. For instance you are looking for car repair services in your area and see two different ads: one showing automobile repairs and the second car repair; definitely you will go for the second option as it is more specific to your needs. So, once you understand your target market, try to create as exact ads as possible.

For ads on Facebook, where you don’t find any search queries, you can design ad copies on the basis of psychographics and demographics. To make these more exact you can include the location, product category or age group.

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