What is the Impact of Dedicated IP Address and SSL Certificate on Rankings?

What is the impact of dedicated IP address and SSL certificate on rankings?

Getting top rankings is the major objective behind all the search engine optimization activities. Google takes into consideration various factors when ranking any website. In 2016, site speed and HTTPS were given the maximum weightage to show any website on the first page of search results.

Though most of the search engine marketing experts have knowledge of the factors that affect the search rankings, many still have confusion about the right options. They end up targeting wrong factors and struggle for the top search engine rankings.

Here in this blog, we will focus on two of the most important ranking factors:

• Dedicated IP address that affects the page speed

• SSL certificate that ensures safety of the website

1. Impact of dedicated IP address on search engine rankings

The hosting company is a requisite for every online business, but most of the times companies forget to confirm the type of IP address they have been assigned. Basically, there are two types of IP addresses:

Shared IP address, which is used by a number of websites

Dedicated IP address, which is a personal IP address for any website

Most of the times people get confused about the benefit of the dedicated IP address in rankings. Actually, it is not the IP address that boosts rankings, but the improved website loading speed that contributes in the rankings. As site speed is an important criterion for ranking in search engines, you should opt for dedicated IP address and confirm it with your hosting company.

2. Impact of SSL Certificate on Rankings

An SSL certificate has more importance for an eCommerce website and the businesses that collect personal information from the customers. Basically, SSL certificate is a security token online companies use to protect private information circulated on the web. Ecommerce websites use this feature to win the trust of the customers. The symbol of a secure website is a green bar or a lock icon before the URL that starts with https://.

Besides security for the owner and trust of the customers, SSL certificate also helps the businesses get top rankings. In August 2014, Google announced that it will use HTTPS as a search engine ranking factor and encourage online marketers to use this in their URLs.


Getting on the first page of Google’s search results needs a lot of hard work, tools, and advanced strategies. Two major factors among others are dedicated IP address and SSL certificate. So, even if you implement these, you can expect improved rankings in search engine with a traffic boost.

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