How to Improve your Blog Design Using Simple Steps

A blog can be an enormous holding tank for a multiplicity of topics, and the display, which comes down to the particular design selections you make all over. In the past five years a lot of things have shaped up to make the world of blogging much easier than it was earlier. For example, WordPress or Blogspot are great and themes already installed in them do a lot of the design work for us, but if want to spice it up and make it much better then there are a few things you should keep in mind. The best method for honing the perfect design is to take a series of small actions, over a long period of time.Blog Design Tips

Likewise, if you want to edit the navigation of your selected theme or layout then there are also a few things you should keep in mind. That can be used for almost every blogging engine, or on your own.

  1. Choose Your Theme Wisely: If you are using WordPress, blogspot or any blogging platform, then you can choose from the hundreds of different built in blog templates. Rather than picking any old theme, invest a little time to find one that suits with your niche and appears clean and professional.
  2. Adding a Banner Image: Add life to your Blog page by creating a nice banner image at the top of the page. Because, it is the first thing people see on your page, and if you make your first impression better it will be beneficial for you and your blog, as people will read your blog properly.
  3. Customize Your Theme: If you have selected a WordPress or blogspot theme, you can easily customize it and make it work for you. You can customize that from the administrative panel. This might incorporate things like re-arranging your sidebar or adding gadgets or widgets that track traffic statistics. Besides this you can make other changes as well. For example, you can limit the number of posts that will be displayed on home page; or can change how the comments will be seen on your blog.
  4. Customize the Icons: However the themes built in the blogging platforms come with a set of their own icons, but if you can still improve your own by better icons, so that they stand out more.
  5. Be Social: It is significant to integrate social media into your blog. If you make it easy for people to take content from your blog and refer to it in tweets and on Facebook, then a lot of their followers ad friends will know about you. So, you should place your social media icons on the blog.
  6. Keep Your Sidebar Tidy: Don’t include too much widget, tag clouds, or other items. If you keep it uncluttered and tidy, it will be the gateway to extra income, repeat visits, and increased pageviews.
  7. Use a Blog Post Image: Using an image your blog posts is a splendid way to ameliorate the visual look of your blog. Just bear in mind to ensure that the photographs are not copyrighted to use and will match well with your contents.
  8. Take Advantage of Your Footer: Footer portion of your blog is very important. You can include “latest posts” sections or a “popular posts” section here so that it can be highlighted well. In addition to this, also use footers to add contact forms, so that visitors easily send emails or submit feedback. You can also add your subscription form to the footer – so that anyone can subscribe to your email list from any page of your blog.


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