Do you know these 7 things about the new Google Maps Local Search Ads?

Do you Know These 7 Things about the New Google Maps Local Search Ads?

Google’s Performance Summit is one of the most surprising periods for the SEOs, PPC advertisers, and other digital marketing experts. This year also the event included a number of announcements related to paid ad campaigns, search terms and local marketing on the internet.

Another noticeable change among others was for local search ad, which the leading search engine described as “the next generation.”

Have you heard about this change? Here are the 7 things every Google AdWords expert engaged in local search ads is asking. Have a look at them and check how many things you know.

1. The Change in Local Search Ads on Google Maps

The focus on the change in the new Google Maps ads is to help the businesses getting found by the consumers looking for some places to eat or shop. The new Maps ad formats and features expected to be revealed in coming months will help the businesses drive more traffic to the physical store due to increased visibility by the changed ad patterns.

2. Placement and Visibility of the New Ads

Next concern of the marketers and advertising companies is placement and visibility of the new ads. The new local search ads will be visible within the Google Maps app, on the mobile, desktop, tablet sites and Expanded Maps results.

3. Reason of the Changes

Here are the statistics Google revealed during the summit to bewilder the marketers and vindicate the reason of changes. Have a look at the stats that prove that it is almost inevitable for the marketers to ignore mobile ads to drive foot traffic to their physical stores.

•    Nearly 90% of the global sales take place in stores; not in the online world

•    The rate of location-related searches is escalating 50% faster that the mobile searches

•    The number of Map users is above one billion

•    Around 84% consumers prefer local searches

•    Google searches help consumers find around 1.5 destinations every year

Now you must have understood that how important it is to invest in local search ads to help you people find you online and visit your physical store.

4. Selection of Ads by Google Maps

Have you ever though how Google Maps selects specific ads to show when your search for something? There can be hundreds of stores in the location you are searching, but you end up seeing only a few ads. Google uses different signals to show ads:

•    Query context

•    Interest

•    Location

•    Time of the day

•    Browsing history

•    Use behavior

5. Showing Local Inventory

According to Google data, most of the people avoid visiting specific store due to the confusion about the availability of the product? So, the right technique to drive attention of the visitors and compel them to visit your store is to provide them local inventory information. You can create a customizable local page that allows the visitors to search through the inventory. You just need to provide Google with your inventory feed to add this feature to your local page.

6. The Timings of Roll Out

Though there are no specific dates announced by Google, it is expected that it will start rolling out the new local search ads to the advertisers within the next three months.

7. Responsibility of the Location-Based Businesses

Before getting access to the new ads, businesses also need to make some changes in the online marketing strategies. For instance, you should enable location extension as these have a strong impact on the performance.

Advertisement on Google Maps is still open. Just make sure the information in Google My Business is complete, correct and updated.

So are you ready to reach out to more consumers to get more footfalls at your physical store? Just be prepared with all the changes and get ready to grab the opportunities offered by the new Google Map local search ads.

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