Local Content Silos: The Secret To Local Search Success

Local Content Silos: The Secret To Local Search Success

Still pondering over, “How to acquire visibility for your multi-location business in local search”?

Well we are here to answer.

Throughout the time, through our blog posts we have voiced over general issues and solutions to deal with problems, and today we will discuss-

How to get a Site with Multiple Locations to Rank in Local Searches

It’s a general requirement, if you have a single website for your business which facilitates multiple locations, you’ve got to use the local content silos.

Since the last summer’s Pigeon Update these “local Content silos have been working like a charm” and this has put more emphasis on “traditional web ranking factors”. And from the time Google has tweaked about local algorithm, its usage and importance has increased way more.

For a uni-located business local SEO becomes much simpler, where every page of website can include local signals. And so it will be easier to prove local relevance of company. But when you move to multi- location model, you get a more complex structure to deal with, where you have to start adding more locations into the mix.

Local Content Silo

So what exactly is Local Content Silo? Earlier where home page topped the model of internal linking followed by other detailed pages. Local Content Silos has changed it entirely.

Now you have to create “Silos” of local information on the site. While all your product pages will be internally linked. As your local silos are generally isolated so each silo will only internally link within its own silo.

Apart from it, Off site signals are also crucial for the local content silo process. Google’s My Business listing also points to the location page for each silo. You will also need to create a local blog post for each silo and connect it to the main pages of the silo.

Also make sure you are earning some links from other local businesses for that you can point out those local links at the corresponding local silo for maximum boost.

And now you will have a long lasting silo comprising unique local information about each city you serve so say good bye to that old single location page.

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