Pinterest Changes its “Pin It” Button As “Save” for Global Growth

Pinterest Changes its “Pin It” Button As “Save” for Global Growth

“Pin it” is the most popular word attached to Pinterest. After attention grabbing images, this is the word that comes to the mind. But it hasn’t helped Pinterest grab the attention it expected.

Alike other social media channels, Pinterest also keeps making changes at regular intervals and this time the target for the change was “Pin It” button. It is no more present as the image sharing social media platform has replaced it with a name that has more global appeal “Save” as part of its international expansion program. This will also make the site more helpful and easy to understand for the new users.

At large, it might seem a minor change, but in terms of functionality, impact and results, it makes a lot of difference across the board. The reason behind replacing the “Pin It” button with “Save” is more positive connotation of the later word in the international market.

Though “Pin It” word sound interesting, but it does not have the same impact and meaning in different countries while “save” makes more sense in different translations due to its universal appeal.

The change has got quick adoption by the users and has helped the businesses get improved results. During the testing period, Pinterest reported increased usage across the board.

Actually, the previous word was more confusing and the social media platform wanted an apt option to drive users to sign up and use the platform to share images. “Save” helped them achieve their goals. With some additional settings and customization, the users will be able to save and share their favorite image online.

Pinterest is a fastest growing social networking platform and needs more options to impress global audience. With more adoption by the global audience and the affiliates, Pinterest is coming up with effective tools and techniques to help business grow and succeed with them.

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