What is the Relation between Content, SEO, PR and Social Media?

What is the Relation between Content, SEO, PR and Social Media

Content, social media, SEO and PR, all make an important part of digital marketing. But have you ever thought about relation among all these and how these affect each other?

Actually, content is the base of social media, SEO, and PR. All these activities can happen only with quality content. And promoting content on all these platforms is called content marketing. Though content is an important part of digital marketing, you can attract an audience and generate profits only with valuable, relevant and consistent content. In simple words, content marketing is a strategy to offer value to the customers with informative, entertaining and useful content.

Now have a look at three other important aspects of digital marketing, which every business: small or big need to focus on.

  • SEO to get top rankings and appear above the competitors in search results
  • Social Media to engage with the online audience and encourage them to take the desired action like shares likes or purchases
  • PR to get increased visibility from reputed publishers

Gone are the days when all these used to be completely different domains. Today an experienced marketing team needs to have a due understanding of SEO, social media and PR for the line between them is getting blurred. While promoting your business on different platforms, you need to ensure that there is a consistency and uniformity in the content you offer. The common denominator to ensure a seamless experience for the online customers at all the platforms is high-quality content.

Google now indexes social media posts on Facebook and Twitter as web pages, which shows a strong correlation between social signals and SEO. The major evidence show correlation between the below mentioned signals:

•    Facebook shares

•    Tweets with brand name and website links

•    The number of people who have you in their circles at Google+

When you publish unique, helpful and high-quality content on Facebook, Twitter or Google+, you don’t have to force people to make it viral. When the users like it, they automatically share it, follow it and mention you in their posts.

Social Media Helps You Get Found in Google

Have you ever tried to find yourself in Google by typing your name or your business’ name? If you have a strong social media presence, the first link it shows is of your social media profile on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. So, a strong social media presence is a shortcut to higher rankings.

What is the Importance of Content for PR?

PR is all about building relationships with the publishers. Every relation demands give and take process, which applies here as well. Broaden the reach of your PR process by offering more than just announcements. Provide detailed information and well-researched data to the publishers.

What is the Importance of Content for SEO?

The online world is full of crap and spam content. If you don’t want to get penalized by Google due to poor or duplicate content, focus on offering quality content. Google always give preference to the sites offering informative and original content to the users. So draw the attention of the search engine with your creative content.


Don’t limit your digital marketing efforts by just focusing on one aspect. Have a broad vision and create marketing strategies with equal attention to SEO, social media, PR and quality content. However, you cannot get results overnight; you need to continue with your efforts to get lasting results with improved returns.

Google keeps changing its algorithms regularly, so you never know what might be the next change. The only thing that is in your control is the content. Lay all the emphasis on the high-quality content and stay free from all the worries of algorithm updates.

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