Secret Tips to Boost Blog Engagement With Embedly

Boost Blog Engagement With Embedly
Creating a blog is not a difficult task. You have any topic in your mind, just write on it and post it on any blogger platform.

The real challenge in blogging is to create an engaging blog to draw attention of the readers and compel them to revisit your blog. For this you need compelling content as well as some other tools to boost engagement on your blog.

One of the effective tools among numerous others is Embedly WordPress plugin. This easy to install plugin makes content viewing easy. Find below some helpful tips to get benefitted from the power of this tool.

Better Analytics:

With Embedly you can add text to the code that search engines can easily read to improve visibility of your posts. With other WordPress plugins, writers were not able to take advantage of their posts according to the value provided in them.

Real-time Analytics:

The plugin allows you to see number of people watching your video embeds with its real-time analytics in the dashboard. It helps you improve the videos and embed codes according to the viewers’ preferences, as it lets you know what they are enjoying.


The recommendation system of Embedly helps you in content circulation and blog engagement by suggesting viewers other related videos from your blog. This is usually done, when viewers complete watching one video.

Styling Choices:

With this plugin changing embed size, alignment and background color is divided into simple and easy-to-use interface. With Embedly you can easily enhance appearance and feel of embeds.

Easy Social Sharing:

You can effectively drive more traffic to your blog by making social sharing easy with the crisp and clean overlay provided by this tool.

If you have any confusion with the installation and usage of this WordPress plugin, you can also watch the tutorial video provided by the company.

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