Tips for writing good content for SEO

When it comes to content writing it is not only the style that matters. A good command over the language is not the only prerequisite.  For effective content writing consider the following tips:

  • Write in word document
  • Save file with article ID – your name –date of submission
  • Mention keywords on top of the document. The person surfing the web must have quick and easy access to the keywords related to the topic he is researching.
  • Don’t miss the title of your article. If there isn’t one, write your own. The title is very important to be able to locate the topic and it should reflect the keywords the customer is looking for.

    Tips for writing good content for SEO
    Tips for writing good content for SEO
  • Use at least one keyword in the article without it sounding odd or forced. The keyword in the opening paragraph is important for relevance, indicating that the article is about the topic the client is looking for.
  • Have the keywords spread out rather than having them in close proximity. This shows that you have enough content that is relevant to the topic.
  • Use at least one keyword in the conclusion of the article.  The author bio follows the conclusion. It reinforces what the client has read in the article.
  • Highlight in bold the keywords every time you use them.
  • Maintain a less than 2% density  of a keyword i.e. use a keyword  not more than twice in a hundred words as recommended by Google.

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