Top 5 Benefits of an Ecommerce Website Relaunch

Top 5 Benefits of an Ecommerce Website Relaunch

What do you do when your home gets dust?

You get it whitewashed again to make it look better.

What do you do when your eCommerce website does not perform well? What to do when you are not getting desired traffic and conversions on your online store?

Alike your home, your eCommerce website also needs renovation to cover up the problems and look better. This can be done with a website relaunch.

If you want to get long-term benefits from your eCommerce website or you have merged with a new business, which you want to show on your website, you should make the required changes in the site. Relaunch is a good investment with long term benefits. Here are the top five benefits of relaunching the eCommerce website.

Mobile Friendly Site

If you have an old eCommerce website, that you got designed before the mobile era, the relaunch of the website can bring all the required changes to make it mobile friendly. It is better to hire a company that knows how to convert an existing website into an effective mobile-friendly website.

Speed Optimization

If you have been losing the customer due to its slow speed, relaunch with the changes can optimize its speed to offer better user experience. In today’s fast-paced world, where buyers have access to 4G internet connection, they don’t wait even for seconds to load a website. If a website takes time, they immediately leave it to find a better option.

Besides improved user experience, speedy websites also help you get improved conversion rate and SEO rankings. Google gives due importance to a website’s speed in its ranking algorithm.

Improved Images

Website redesigning for relaunch gives you an opportunity to improve the quality of the images to impress the visitors. A quality image speaks louder than a thousand words, and it is way more effective on an eCommerce website where people make buying decision by looking at the image.

When redesigning your website, try to include multiple images of the same product from a different context to help the customers make a better decision.

Product Details

When customers like a specific product and want to buy it, they look for the detailed information. Here detailed information does not mean just the price; it includes its material, size, weight, color etc. You can offer product videos to make it more informative and engaging.

Improved Content Strategy

When talking about content for eCommerce websites, most of the businesses think about the product descriptions. If you want to offer value to the customers along with higher search engine rankings, you should also focus on informative content. Website relaunch allows you to add blog page where you can address customer queries and concerns with ‘how to’ guides and other blogs.

Final Thoughts

E commerce website change is an ongoing process to keep pace with the digital world and customer expectations. It also gives you an opportunity to address the key issues driving the customer away. So, if you think that your eCommerce website is lacking some features like speed, content, images or mobile version, hire an experienced eCommerce website designer to relaunch the improved version of your online store.

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