Tricks to Complete Social Media Analysis Just in 5 Minutes

 Tricks to Complete Social Media Analysis Just in 5 MinutesYou form strong strategies and successfully implement all the plans; but what is the use of all these efforts if you are not measuring the results and comparing these with the set goals.

Along with the strong strategies, you also need to perform various analysis reports on your performance as well as on your competitor’s performance. Further, you should also know the right usage of these reports to ensure the success of your business.

The analysis here does not mean just writing different figures and getting involved in other tasks. You need to deep dive into the data to grow your brand. Though digital marketing companies lay emphasis on overall analysis, today the focus will be only on social media analysis.

How do you Get Benefited from the Social Media Analysis?

This helps you collect essential information not just about your brand and performance, but also about the leading name in the industry and other trends in social media market. With this you get to know about:

• The brands having strongest position and the highest share in voice
• The industry trends and the point of conversation about the competitors
• The buzz in the industry
• The influencers talking about your brand

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How to grow your Social Media traffic

Now the question is, how to perform social media analysis. When it comes to analysis, the first thought that comes to mind is hours of tedious work on data mining and reporting. The objective of this write-up is to burst this myth and tell you about the tricks to complete social media analysis just in 5 minutes.

Before Starting with the Analysis, Be Ready with the Basic Details Like:

1. Position of your brand in the market
2. Identifying the industry influencers, and
3. Competitor’s success

Now when you now these details, it will just take you 5 minutes to set alerts and get all the information. Once you create a report with the data driven from the alerts created for the competitors, it is time to work on this data.

Tips to Create Separate Social Media Reports:

• Go to the alert that has to be analyzed and pick ‘Statistics & Exports.’
• Select the time period with filters
• Check the main report to see daily trends for the competitors’ mention activity, location and other information
• Download the report, if required
• Go to Twitter to have a look at the influencers
• Export the influencers list with other essential data

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Social Media Analysis Tips:

• Look at the competitors who are getting the maximum number of mentions and the posts on which they are getting pointed.

• You can select the influencers talking negative about your competitors. This will be easier for you to convince them to work for your brand.

• Jump start with the topic clouds to see what is being discussed and how can you reap the benefits from it.

Use the tips and make social media analysis easier, more effective and beneficial for your business and brand.

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