How to Utilize Power of Images to Strengthen your Digital Presence?

How to Utilize Power of Images to Strengthen your Digital Presence?

The importance of images in websites is not hidden from anyone. This is more effective and essential on mobile. But the problem is that due to the fear of increased page size and loading time, designers avoid using the power of imagery.

Use of images can cause oversized pages but only when these are not utilized wisely. There are so many techniques and tools using which one can easily get the right proportion of a picture that can upload quickly.

A perfect picture can speak louder than words. Have you ever noticed what attracts you the most in the high street malls? These are the attention grabbing imagery. It can be a logo, call-to-action, discount schemes etc. This is the reason many leading brands have big windows and attractive banners designed by the reputed website design companies. This gives the stores a unique brand identity.

This is where most of the eCommerce websites and the store owners lag behind and hand over the traffic to the websites utilizing the power of images. The simple logic is that when you have got something incredible, you should flaunt it through images. You can show images of your stores, customers, and the employees to make it more engaging.

This is not very difficult. You just have to get the attention-grabbing images; get the logo that is similar to the one shown in your physical store and utilize them on your website. If you don’t have the mobile website, hire a website designing company to get a responsive website that has appealing images.

The images you use on your website should help people recognize you even when they are in physical store. You should try your level best to capitalize your iconic physical presence in the digital world with impeccable images.

Mobile is a brochure of the physical store experience and you should optimize it for the best online experience. When using images on your mobile, make sure you capture the essence of physical presence to drive more traffic to your physical store.

If you are any of the below mentioned industries, it is essential for you to use the power of images.

  • Hotels or restaurants
  • Museum
  • Gallery
  • Entertainment
  • Shopping center
  • Traveling

When booking a hotel or buying something, customers don’t just want to know the price but also want to check how the hotel room or the particular product looks. In online shopping, this is possible only with the images.

If you are confused about the use of imagery, you can run user tests to find out what customers think about the images in your industry. If you get positive feedback, just collect amazing images of your store and ask the designer to utilize them to bring real world integrity to your digital store.

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