What’s the new trend in “Google Trends”?

Google Trends

Every now and then Google tries new stuffs, either it is a new updation or some experimental pilot project or a new launch. This time Google has updated its Google Trends where people can now access real time data on everything. Even if it’s FIFA Scandal or Donald Trump’s presidential campaign kick-off, you can get a sense of all the stories that is being searched all around the globe.  These changes by Google has been entirely based upon the feedbacks it received from various Journalists, researchers. Now this new site will give you a deeper, faster and more comprehensive view of the world through the glasses of Google.

Google Trend

Real- Time Data

This material design has already made its way into most of the company’s mobile and web products. This shows its real effectiveness and huge following. This product will enable users to explore minute by minute, real time data behind 100 billion searches taking place on Google. Not only user will get all first hand stories that most people are searching for but also they will get to know where the story created most hype. So the data can be explored by just selecting time range from datepicker.


Google has launched a new “Story-centric” homepage that focuses on top trending topics.
On google.com/trends the user will find all ranked, real time list of trending stories that have created buzz across Google. In addition to this, Search engine now picks the top trending topics from YouTube and Google News. This redesigned homepage is already available in some 28 countries and gradually it’s working on expanding over more locations in next few months.

More Coverage and Deeper Insights
Also Google has increased the breadth and coverage of Google Trends Data to allow in-depth search results at more miniscule level.

Curated Data Sets
To provide fresh off the oven news, Google has developed its own New Lab team which examines trending topics every day and curates important stories from all around. To help you understand data behind headlines, it is publishing data-sets for specific topics on its Github Page.

So no matter what your interests are, we hope you’ll visit the new Google Trends to explore your favorite topics. And also check out “5 effective tips to choose keywords for your adword campaign”.

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