Yahoo Search Testing Google Powered Search Result

Yahoo Search Testing Google Powered Search Result

So the news has broke, Yahoo has confirmed testing using Google’s search results. This change is led after the recent deal with the Microsoft. Where earlier Yahoo was majorly sourced by Microsoft’s Bing for its search results, but since April, they have opened up to try other search partners.

Aaron Wall of SEO Book confirms Yahoo using Google’s results, where the company has also been spotted saying:

“As we work to create the absolute best experience for Yahoo users, from time to time, we run small tests with a variety of partners including search providers. There is nothing further to share at this time.”

Yahoo has come up with flexible search results on search engine page. As per its new deal, around 51% of desktop search traffic will carry Bing ads. Rest of the ads can either be from its own Gemini System or from other partners of Yahoo.

It’s a presumption that may be Yahoo has worked out non-exclusive deals with Google or perhaps its action in the wild.

Here is a screenshot from wall exhibiting Google powered Yahoo search results:

yahoo search

Here is a picture of typical Bing powered Yahoo Search results:


The differences between the two sets of results are quite subtle and Wall pictured it well.



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