10 Content Types For Effective And Profitable SEO

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Content is king in the online market, but it doesn’t mean you can expect same results from every type of content. There are different types of content for SEO and every type has its own importance. This can have a different impact on varied businesses and their SEO. So to get maximum results from SEO, you should carefully select content types for your business.

Carefully selected content helps you satisfy searcher intent and enhance overall digital marketing strategy.

Here are top 10 content types that can be seen regularly on Google.

  • Blog post:

Blogs are posted by brands to either create awareness or to inform the customers about different industry updates. You can impress readers and search engines both by regularly updating it. You can also republish a blog that got more views.

  • Articles:

You can also post articles and short-form evergreen content to engage with the customers.

  • Long-form articles:  Whitepapers and research articles usually come in the category of long-form articles. Leading brands post these articles to educate their readers. It helps you get traffic which in turn helps in improved ranking.
  • Photo galleries:  You must know that a picture speaks louder than a written content and leaves lasting impact on the mind. There are many websites that got top rankings in the search engines with their impressive photo and visual gallery. Fashion and food brands have more chances of getting benefitted from this type of content.
  • Detailed lists of information:

Most of the times visitors come to your site in search of relevant and useful information. For instance, a website selling mobiles can provide a detailed list of features of a mobile.

  • Interactive tools and content:

Content doesn’t always mean long-from write ups. It can also include helpful tools with information to use them. On keyword ‘property prices’ 99 Acres is shown at the top rank in search engines because of its easy-to-use and effective price calculation tool and updated price trends.

  • Data:

Sometimes well-researched data helps buyers make a better decision and that’s why they look for useful data online. You can win the trust of buyers and can impress search engines by offering data and complex information on your site.

  • Comprehensive category landers:

This is a strategy to land searchers on a targeted page and offer them more content there. So here you don’t exactly offer content, but a content marketing piece in the form of designs or creative that leads the viewers to a content piece.

  • Multi-page guides:  

If you offer a product or service that requires the users to have special knowledge, you can offer them detailed user guides. This can include every detail about the product, its features and the right technique to use them for maximum benefits. You can offer these multi-page guides in PDF form.

  • Video:   You can either upload your videos on YouTube or can embed them in content. There are so many examples of brands leveraging the power of same.

How to choose the right format for your project?

Just knowing about different content types is not enough to boost SEO rankings. You should also know about the right format for your project. For this you need to get an answer to three questions:

  • What are searchers trying to accomplish with the content they get?
  • What appears in the search results page?
  • What will resonate with audience and influencers?

These are the content types having a vital role in the digital market. If you didn’t know about them, it is the right time to rethink your strategies and include them in your online marketing plan to gain more benefits.

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