10 Ideas to Keep Your Small Business Resolutions

January – The official month of resolutions has already started. Everyone from a student to entrepreneur makes different resolutions to make positive changes in their life.

For entrepreneurs, it can be a good time to start new and give their business a refresh. You can analyze the mistakes made in the previous year to learn from them and make new resolutions to start over in 2017.
Resolutions for different business might differ but the ultimate goal of every business is to grow profits and customer base. Making resolutions is easy but keeping them is difficult. Without a proper strategy and action plan chances of you abandoning the goals increase manifolds.
If you have vowed to stick to your business resolutions in 2017 and thinking about tactics to achieve the goal, here are 10 ideas for you.

1. Define success
While making resolutions, take care of two Ms: measurable and meaningful. Getting increased leads might be on your list for 2017, but how will you do this? Consider revising your thoughts by adding measurable numbers like “We want 1000 leads by running paid ad campaigns.”

2. Break it up
Breaking the targets in small parts can help you stick to it and continue with your efforts. If your resolution is to get 1000 leads in a year, slice it into monthly targets and define the strategies accordingly. Set goal, budget, product and basic steps for one month; gauge the results and plan further moves accordingly.

3. Invest in apps
In this tech savvy world managing business has got much easier. There are so many apps and software to make business operation and management quick, effective and easy. Invest in some high-quality, customized iPhone application development OR Andriod Application Development and business specific apps to help with your business.

4. Endeavor for consistency
Being a business owner, I know how difficult it is to make changes and convince every person in the organization to accept the change. So the right technique is to take one step at a time and achieve goals by turning efforts into habits. Dedicate specific time to a certain activity every day to ensure consistency.

For instance, if you want to convert visitors on your social media channels into customers, post engaging and attention grabbing content every day and engage with them in the direct communications.

5. Bear no excuses
We all make big plans on January 1st, follow them for a few days and then get busy with the normal tasks. These tasks later become an excuse for not keeping the resolutions. The only way to achieve your goals in the New Year is to stick to the resolutions and brook no excuse. No matter how busy you are with the schedule changes, hold yourself to the goals you have set to grow your small business in 2017. Further, bear no excuses from employees, vendors, suppliers and other stakeholders.

6. Involve others for motivation
There should be no ‘I’ in the businesses. You can never run a business alone. Make a habit of involving other people in your goal to get motivation and stay on the track. You can also join communities of small entrepreneurs, arrange sessions with the employees and get a mentor to drive more results from your resolutions made for business growth.

7. Think positive
Initially, you might face difficulties to follow the new schedule, but you need to be positive all the time. Be your own mentor and encourage yourself to keep up the spirit. Whenever you make a right decision, praise yourself for the good work.

8. Align goals with company’s mission
Business growth is not a piece of cake. It comes with many hurdles and obstacles that you need to tackle wisely. One of the points to keep in the mind while making resolutions for business growth is to align them with your company’s mission and goal. If there is a contradiction between the two, you will end up wasting your time and making your business stagnant.

9. Share business resolutions
Make yourself accountable by sharing your business resolutions with family, employees, team members or friends. When you make your resolutions public, the responsibility to fulfill them increase further, and motivates you to work hard to achieve the goals.

10. Focus on limited KPIs
Create short-term goals based on selected Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Keep these KPIs simple and make sure everyone in the organization gets a better understanding of the same. This will help you grow your business while keeping your resolutions.
What are your tricks to achieve your small business goals by sticking to your resolutions? Share them with us through comments to help other business owners looking for inspiration and tactics.

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