5 Big Mistakes That SEO Newbies Make

yng-twitterSearch engine optimization or SEO is an extensive field of numerous activities for the online promotion of businesses. Entering into this industry is exciting for newbies, but performing well since the beginning is not guaranteed. It takes a lot of experience and practice to work like pros and during this process SEO rookies make a lot of mistakes. There are situations where they don’t even get to know about the mistakes and continue with the same strategies. Here are some of the common mistakes new SEO employees in any digital marketing firm make. The points also include some tips to avoid the mistakes and perform well.

1. Incomplete Knowledge

Having less or incomplete knowledge about SEO is one of the major mistakes newbies make. They try to read about some topic but leave the same in middle and jump on to another one. They also try to stay with the same strategies for longer and forget about the regular changes in Google algorithm. This directly impacts the rankings and leaves you in big confusion. As you don’t stay updated with the changes, you won’t even be able to find the real cause.

2. Ignoring Bad Numbers

Newbies usually get scared and try to cover up the bad numbers, but this is a wrong strategy. They should be honest about it and tell the clients about the changes along with the clear reasons. If you keep hiding it for longer, you will lose client’s trust and project both. Find out the reasons behind poor results and if these are due to some technical issues or any issue from client’s side, be very clear about it. And if the reason is your strategies, analyze these again and make required changes to see improved results.

3. Focusing on Easy Targets

Being new doesn’t just focus on better rankings without bothering about the keywords. There is no use of top ranking on a keyword that is not useful for the business. You should rather:

• Focus on keywords with more searches
• Create updated business plans as per the business goals
• Focus on quality content and high-authority links

4. Not Asking for Help

Most of the SEOs are told in beginning that it takes some time to get desired ranks in search engines, but that some time does not mean lifetime. You should be able to get rankings within a time frame of six months and if you don’t get success, consider taking help of your seniors. The right technique is to keep a close eye on the rankings and if you don’t see any improvement after optimization, it is better to ask experienced SEO professionals about their ideas.

5. Undervalue Clients

Clients are the lifeline for any business and if they are not happy, you cannot succeed. So, you should always give due importance to the clients and if you have to make some small sacrifices, don’t hesitate. The key to beat the competition is to offer world-class customer services to keep your clients happy and get positive word-of-mouth publicity.

Final Notes:

As an SEO newbie, you are sure to make some mistakes, but the important point to remember is that never repeat your mistakes. Learn from errors made by others and give your career an early boost.

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