5 Secrets to Become a Great SEO

5 Secrets to Become a Great SEOKnowledge and expertise are undoubtedly the essential requirements for successful SEO, but there are some secrets, which only a few SEO experts know and apply to generate outstanding results.

If you possess these skills and traits, you can refine with time to become a successful SEO expert. Whether you are an individual who wants to get into SEO market or the one who has been doing SEO for years, these secrets are equally helpful for you.


SEO is not a technique to focus on just one area and continue with the same for months and years to get success. It is a collaboration of multiple strategies like on-site & off-site SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, strong online PR etc. Being an expert, you should have an understanding of all these traits and should have the expertise to work in collaboration with different people having command over different SEO activities.

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These are the people who never feel satisfied and always look for new things to enhance their knowledge and improve their skills. Ambition to reach high by expanding the knowledge and expertise is essential to become a successful SEO Expert.


You can call it your bad luck or anything else, but in online marketing, especially SEO you completely depend on Google. You never know when it changes its algorithm and all your strategies start showing opposite results. So, the secret to win in this volatile market is to be agile and adaptive to changes. You cannot blame Google for lost rankings; you can just think about the new and innovative strategies to get them back.


Only the person who is effective can win in highly competitive SEO market. You can prove yourself effective by having a result-oriented approach and good understanding of metrics. You should also follow G.S.D (Get Stuff Done) approach to ensure that there is no room for mistakes and unaccomplished work.

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There is a big difference between thinking about something and acting upon something. You cannot be a successful SEO until you transform your ideas into reality by acting upon them and it is possible only with your dedication. But make sure you have dedication, not blind dedication, as it can be really harmful.

How many of these SEO traits you and your team possess? Do you think we can add some more secrets in this list to help online marketing experts? Let us know through your comments.

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