5 Steps Guide to Create Exceptional Social Media Marketing Strategy for 2017

5 Steps Guide to Create Exceptional Social Media Strategy for 2017

Social media marketing is an indispensable part of online marketing. Making a haphazard social media marketing strategy cannot generate any results for business growth.


To achieve your goals by investing time, efforts and money in social media marketing, you need to make an exceptional strategy.

With the beginning of the New Year, when almost every strategy is redesigned, it is also good to work on your social marketing strategy as well. Though figuring out the techniques to align social media goals with the overall company goals is a bit challenging, with some extra efforts you can get success at this.

In this post, you will find some tips and guidelines to make effective social media marketing strategy that has a huge impact on your business goals. Here is the guide to create an exceptional social media marketing strategy in five simple steps.

Step 1: Align your social media goals with company goals

Working on different strategies with varied goals is nothing but wastage of time. To ensure that your company gets benefitted from social media marketing, you should align social media goals with company’s overall goals and values. For this, you should look for the social media marketing practices that not just impact your social presence but the whole brand.

To ensure that your social media goals are in alignment with the business goals, you should first set business goals and then look for social media marketing activities that can help you achieve those goals. For instance, if you want to grow your market share, you should build relationships with influencers who can create awareness in the new target market with their blogs and social content.

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Step 2: Break down goals into specific actions

Once you have made business and social media marketing goals, next step is to map out the actions that will help you accomplish your goals. For instance, you have decided that you want a tap new market and you will do this by working with influencers. Now you can further break it down in specific tactics, such as:

  • Creating a list of influencers with whom you want to work
  • Sending direct messages to them to see if they are ready to work with you or not
  • Setting up sponsored post with your brand for influencers
  • Now a days Brands Have Begun Advertising on Instagram


Step 3: Prioritize your plan

Whether you have an in-house marketing team or have hired a social media marketing company for your promotion, every team will have predetermined resources. So to gain maximum benefits from limited resources, you should prioritize your actions and make a social media marketing plan accordingly.

Tips to prioritize things:

  • Evaluate each tactic and the profit it bring in for the business
  • Compare the efforts required to complete each task and their complexity
  • Based on the comparison, prioritize the action with highest value and least efforts


Step 4: Assign task and set ETAs

Once you have prioritized the tasks to accomplish your social media marketing goals, the next step is to assign people and set ETAs to speed up the process. These two elements help you find the right person for the right job and set a timeline for them to complete the task on time.

Step 5: Analyze and adapt the plan

Just making the plan cannot get you desired results; rather, you should analyze it before implementing to make required adjustments and the right time.

Here are five simple steps to make an extraordinary social media marketing strategy for 2017. Now it is completely up to you, how you set your goals and achieve them with the help of social media marketing efforts.

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