6 Points to Keep in the Mind to Build SEO Strategy For 2017

6 Points to keep in the mind to build SEO strategy for 2017

After all the celebrations and parties to welcome the New Year, now it is the right time to get back to the work and think about new strategies to grow the business. In the digital market, SEO is the base of online marketing activities. With so many updates by Google and other changes in the market, you need to rebuild your SEO strategy for 2017.

If you are wondering about the factors to be kept in the mind to build new SEO strategies for 2017, here are the major ones to make the process easier for you. Majorly links, high CTR, and content are the core of the ranking pack and need the maximum attention for the success of any SEO strategy.

  • Focus on user experience

Don’t just end up spending all your money and efforts on making your website beautiful and attention grabbing. Rather, make it responsive and fix the broken links to ensure a smooth user experience.

  • SEO content

Your SEO content strategy should pay attention to the quality and relevance. Don’t just write for search engines but for the users. Search engines give better rankings to the websites that keep users’ interest ahead and offering valuable content in one of the best techniques to impress search engines. When writing content pay attention to four components: velocity, variety, veracity, and volume. Content written while following these factors will definitely yield high rankings in SERPs.

  • Local optimization

With the recent algorithm update for local SEO, you now need to focus on high-quality content for local searches. Above 80% local searches lead to in-store visits and purchases, which I guess is a good reason to get your resources directed towards local optimization.

  • Links are still powerful

Google’s uses around 200 ranking factors to rank a certain website, but for SEOs, it is almost impossible to take in all the factors to build their digital marketing strategies. However, focusing on links can still help them as these are one of the most powerful ranking factors in search engines. While working on links just make sure:

  • The external links are on high authority websites
  • The external links are relevant to the content on your website
  • Links with SEO focused anchor text are relevant to the target page
  • Go social

Social signals help you drive traffic to the website and hence the rankings. If you post quality content and appealing images on social profiles, chances of the same coming in the search results due to the branding value are high. Further, you can also use your social networks to promote your content and engage the audience.

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  • Removal of thin content

You don’t just need to focus on writing fresh content with valuable information but also need to make sure that visitors don’t waste their time and get irritated with the thin content that doesn’t offer them any value. If you haven’t done it yet, it is the right time to audit your website and mark the pages with thin content. You can either remove the pages or can rewrite the ones that don’t provide any real information.

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  • What else for 2017 SEO strategy?

Knowing that you need to focus on links, content, and CTR for 2017 SEO strategy, what else do you want? Actually, there are various other factors that help you build strong SEO strategy like keyword research, real-time videos, site’s visibility and the combination of the old with the new to have the best plan ever.

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