6 Steps Guide to Build Comment Marketing Strategy

6 Steps Guide to Build Comment Marketing Strategy

Marketers nowadays look for clever and intentional ways to market their business. With the increasing use and reliability on social media, comment marketing strategy is a good option to stay in the minds of the potential customers. With high-quality contribution in the comment sections, you can win hearts of the readers and can encourage them to buy your products and services.


There was a lot of craze for comment marketing around 5-6 years back, but gradually people lost interest in it. Like the fashion trends, comment marketing has also come back and today it has become highly influential. There are a few blogs and communities that engage their audience in the comments for increased level of participation, links, social following and more opportunities. If you also want to leverage the power of comment marketing, you need to build great strategy, which we have explained in this blog through six simple steps.


  1. Determine the goals of comment marketing

There can be various reasons behind investing time and efforts in comment marketing. It can be just to get links, new followers or to engage influencers with you to make them a voice for your brand in the future.


  1. Create measurements

Though comment marketing is tough to measure, you need to develop some criteria for measurement. However, you cannot see how many people saw your comment, but you can at least check the traffic you got from the site where you left a comment. New links, increased number of social followers and traffic are some of the measurement factors to check comment marketing success.


  1. Make a list of sites and communities

You cannot randomly visit any site and leave a comment there to get traffic. To get positive benefits from comment marketing, you should fist identify sites or communities for your industry and then make a list of the most suitable ones to engage with. Instead of writing the same comment on 200 websites, pick top 10 and leave valuable and quality comments to get traffic and engagement. By writing a useful and relevant comment, you draw the attention of the author, influencers and other people that encourage them to build a positive association with you.


  1. Research

Don’t just directly start writing your comments after reading the blog or other content. First spend some time on research to find out what other people are writing, what type of comments have more engagement and what other people appreciated. It will help you write more engaging and useful comment.


  1. Create an alert system

Do you write a comment on a site and forget about it? You should always keep a check on what others are writing and who is commenting on your comment. If you don’t have time to revisit the site time and again, create an alert system by subscribing to updates via emails. This will keep you updated whenever a new comment is posted, a new blog is posted or about other updates on the site or in the community.


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  1. Spread comments through social

Social media has a lot of power and proves to be the biggest platform to amplify your comments. All you need is to just tweet, “Hey, I just left a comment on @ABC’s post about TOPIC.” This way you will not just take your followers to your comment, but will also impress the author as your tweet is also promoting the post.


Now when you know the power and technique to build strong comment marketing strategy, you must also know about a great comment. Writing promotional comment is different from the one you write on your friend’s timeline. A marketing comment should be:


  • On-topic
  • Respectful to the author
  • Valuable and useful
  • Well-written
  • Transparent
  • Well-formatted

Hope these comment marketing strategy tips help you win more influencers, followers, customers and traffic to your website. If you have some more tips, feel free to share them through comments to start with your comment marketing.

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