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Contributed by: Ivan Serrano

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Social media has become an inevitable platform for most businesses looking to advertise and amplify their online content. But even more than inevitable; social media platforms have basically become the framework of the modern day Internet. From websites like Facebook and Twitter to Vimeo and Pinterest, companies have now found ways to amplify their content without even directly marketing. Because there are so many followers on most social media sites, it’s easy to catch entire circles of targeted audiences who share the same interests – all you have to do is follow the right social media etiquette, and be patient, and your followers will start to become personal ambassadors for you brand. But there’s one social media platform that is increasingly forgotten, or dismissed as a site for “professional use only,” and that is LinkedIn. But it’s just as important as the others, and certainly should not be forgotten.

While LinkedIn is less known or less used by certain crowds and audiences, it’s just as powerful: you can connect with other like-minded business professionals and share your content to exactly who you want to read it, instead of just mass-posting or mass-tweeting. Using LinkedIn, you can even post articles that relay information about your company rather than draw attention to it.

Since its inception in 2003, LinkedIn has grown enormously, and across generations. Unlike the more popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn offers a different service: the sharing of information about a company or person, all in the hands of the company. It’s a great way for business-to-business transactions; you can keep other businesses under your wing, and pick and choose who you want to connect with. But just like all the other social media sites, learning the right etiquette to use LinkedIn to its full capacity takes practice. Here are some tips to get you started:


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