Experiencing low Facebook Page Engagement Rate? Fix it now!

Experiencing low Facebook Page Engagement Rate? Fix it now!


Are you deciding new post strategy or planning to revamp your old content?

Well, here are a few steps to fix it.

Quality of your content.

Make sure your posts just don’t revolve around sales pitching, because people generally ignore them.
Know your audience and develop the content according the way they want. It can be entertaining, guiding, instructive or educational but make sure you connect with your audience.

Quality of your Page Likes

Gaining irrelevant fanbase is of no use. If you are tapping wrong audience, they wouldn’t be much inclined towards information you share.
Facebook likes do matter but at the end of the day, only a targeted audience can help you achieve your business goals. So next time when you start a campaign, make sure you reach out to targeted people who are actually interested in your business.

The post frequency

While promoting your brand across any social media channel, it’s always imperative to consider the frequency of posts. Continuous tweets or posts can irritate your users resulting into low engagement rate. Even a couple of posts per day can get you a great engagement rate if you post interesting and quality content.

Publishing Your Content.

Timing matters. Facebook allows you to analyse when your maximum fans are online. Tracking that particular time of the day, you can schedule your posts accordingly.
You may feel all days equally vital but look into the analysis reports of Facebook and find certain days and hours that are more beneficial to publish your content.

Format of Post

People engage most on videos in comparison to pictures, audios or plain content. Look into Facebook Analyser and find out details which type of content suits your firm best.

Content of Post

The copy of a post is really vital. While creating the text material for your posts, you must focus on both, creative as well as informative aspect. It is necessary to create the kind of content which can engage as well as inform your potential consumers about the services you offer.


Visual is what catches your eye at first. Make sure you use a high quality image to address your audience. Also, make sure you upload an optimal image size – size that looks presentable on both, mobile and desktop screen.

Hit and Trial

No, these tips and tricks won’t create wonder in one go. In order to know what works out best with your page, you need to experiment with different things. Pay heed to your analytic’s and work on the things which can boost your page growth.

Keep looking for Updates

Social Media is evolving every day. You need to stay up to date on recent changes and its effect on your audience to build a compatible and effective content strategy.
And the best means to stay updated simply is to follow YNG Media Blogs.

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