Facebook Comes With Four New Mobile Ad Formats

Facebook Comes With Four New Mobile Ad Formats

When it is about the social media platform with the highest engagement on mobile phones, nothing can beat Facebook. With above 1 billion daily active mobile users, this is the leading social networking platform. Looking at this, Facebook announced four new mobile ad formats to help the marketers reach out to the untapped market niche. This gives the social media marketing companies an opportunity to make more creative ad campaigns for Facebook.

1. Creative Hub

This is an effort to help the users experiment with the creative ads by using different tools and features. Creative Hub has a simple interface and a guide for Facebook and Instagram ad formats. Not the advertisers can easily evaluate their ads with a preview mock on mobile as well as preview URLs that can be shared with the stakeholders.

2. Adding Audience Insights API

To help the advertisers gain a better understanding of their audience with demographics, psychographics, and reports from Facebook IQ, the social networking giant has added audience insights API.

3. Upgrading Canvas

Canvas ad is a new pattern in the Facebook that has gained immense popularity due to items 10 times faster loading speed than typical mobile sites. There are some new updates in the Canvas to make it easier for the marketers to design, share and learn from this new feature. To increase user engagement, Canvas will have a new feed. Marketers will get detailed metrics to design more effective Facebook ad campaigns.

4. Improved Slideshow Ads

The slideshow is another prominent ad format that businesses use to make videos from static images. This format uses five times less data than the traditional videos and that’s why load significantly faster than them. The new update and ad format allow the advertisers to design ads from their mobile devices or by integrating the Facebook pages with Shutterstock photo libraries.

The marketers now have more opportunities to improve the quality of their ads on Facebook. Now it is up to you, how you use them to grow your business.

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