Google is All Set to Beat Messaging Apps with New Voice Assistant – Allo

Google Is all set to beat messaging apps with New Voice Assistant - Allo

To give a smashing reply to its competitors and facilitate the searchers, Google unveiled its brand new voice assistant “Allo” at Google’s annual developer’s conference Google I/O. The smart and conversational extension of Google is believed to be an answer to Amazon’s Alexa.

Google Assistant is a great source of help for you at any place and in any context. The Assistant will be available to the users through a new hardware named Google Home and a new messaging app ‘Allo’.

The messaging app can be accessed only through a phone number like Facebook’s Messenger and WhatsApp. Though this is a messaging app, this has various advanced features, which is the USP of Google. As the name suggests, it works like an assistant for you and can perform various tasks for you based on its understanding of you. For instance, you can ask Google Assistant for your images, schedule or even restaurant suggestion for a dinner with the friends.

The artificial intelligence in the app gives it an edge over other messaging apps. The machine learning in the app automates parts of the conversations to help you outsource the chats to a computer. Based on your previous chats, it offers suggestions for the response when someone sends you an image or a message.

Google Handouts will Still be there

Launch of Google Home and Allo have created doubt on the existence of Hangouts. With the launch of Allo, the first question that came to the mind is, “what will happen to the current messaging app Hangouts?”

The good news is that, Hangouts will still be there. Though Allo poses some threats for the existing messaging app Hangouts, it might also work as a great weapon and help Google reach out to the entirely new audience that at present uses Messenger, WhatsApp and iMessage.

You need to keep patience for some time to leverage the power of this app, as Allo and Home will be available to the users later this year.

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